Chapter 131 – 13/02/2021

For those of you that have been following our Faceplant Page (insert disgustingly shameless plug here), you’ll be aware of some new project we’ve been claiming will be a “game changer”.

Well, perhaps it’s time we revealed exactly what it is…

That’s right, Wuiske Models is making Flexible Track in HOn3½!

With our original image, many of you assumed, this was a rib sided container mold.
I feel I should point out that these pieces are actually rather LARGE. About 3 feet in length actually. What we’d shown was merely the mold base. The marks people assumed were ribs are nothing more than tool marks left over from the milling machines tool path.

In any case, making track was something we mentioned about 10 years ago that we were planning on doing. This was simply due to the, at times, sporadic availability of HOn3½ track… And that was BEFORE this covid stuff.

As usual, most people thought nothing more about us saying we “wanted to produce…”.
However, as usual, we’ve now done it.

Back in Early December 2020, we were having a conversation with Kieren Haskell and between us we collectively said “bugger it, how hard can it be?”

As it turns out, there are MANY reasons that there are only a handful of track producers on the planet. But, as usual, stupidity and bloody mindedness prevailed and now we’re very close to having track available.

The first issue was to sort out if this was something we could make here in Australia… It wasn’t.
The second issue was to see if Kieren could do it in Taiwan, turned out he couldn’t either… But together, we muddled through and with a lot of Taiwanese help, we got it done. At this point, I should mention that it’s not without VERY good reason, that most of the decent quality track brands are NOT made in China.

So by dispensing with such silly things as sleep and family time, Kieren and ourselves managed to learn a few things and invent a machine or two.

The next step was for us to find some dimensions for Queensland Rail sleepers and spacing… There are three of them at least!
Eventually, we agreed upon a standard that would work and was the most common.

The next step was to produce a mold. In the meantime, Bridget and I were talking with a couple of the handful (there is actually less than 5) suppliers of model rail on the planet and we decided we’d be best to at least attempt to make our own rail.

So, since Kieren was talking about “getting his head around this track stuff”, we said, “good, let’s make rail too”.

After much swearing, tears, oaths and badly missed translations for “Nickel Silver”, he got so furious that he managed to force molten metal through a teeny tiny (0.075″) opening using little more than brute venom and hatred for those Wuiske mongrels.

So, by this stage we had Code 75 nickel silver rail and a start of a mold for the sleepers. The next step was to work out how to bring the two together… This was not simple.

In the end, Kieren had exhausted his vocabulary of current, historical and future swear words and we’d repeated “it can’t be THAT hard” enough times that a design was arrived at for a nifty little machine that should mean we can get accurate Australian narrow gauge track produced without it costing more than the average Porsche.

As you’re mostly aware, Bridget and I are about to commence construction of an insanely stupid layout. We estimated we would need about 3,500 lengths of track for this monstrosity. As it turns out, that’s about 15% of the way to breaking even on producing track. So now we’re making track.

So by this stage, we’d been working on track for about 30 days and most people were ringing in 2021. We had a mold that was spitting out test shots and about 30 kilometres of rail sitting with Kieren in Taiwan.

The next step was, once we approved everything, to add the wood grain and the all important “Wuiske” wording underneath it.

The next steps were to look at what we would actually make the sleepers from…
Kieren had stumbled upon a material (by act of pure serendipity) that would give the flexibility and strength required BUT, would also provide a degree of temperature absorbing in the finished product.

Essentially, if we spend about 10% more on the raw plastic, we can produce a sleeper that whilst not heat resistant, will mean you can afford to take a few seconds longer soldering feeder wires to your track without it becoming a tangled blob of plastic on ply.

One of the other benefits of this Process is that the top and sides surfaces are not as glossy as conventional sleepers. Something that’s been a pet peeve of most of us for years.

So, where we now stand (2½ months after having said “bugger it, let’s just do it”), is that we have HOn3½ Flexible Track with accurate sleeper dimensions for Queensland Railways. Our own Code 75 Nickel Silver Rail, Semi Heat resistant sleepers and a rather nifty (though I may be biased) label to put on a cardboard box.

The plan is that this track will be made available in boxes of 15 three foot lengths with an SRRP of $150AUD.  With the way it’s looking at present, the current machinery will allow Kieren to pump out a maximum of 1,000 lengths per DAY!  With any luck, this will eliminate shortages of HOn3½ flexible track.

The HOn3½ track will be available VERY soon and will be available exclusively through Wuiske Models, with the exception of Taiwanese and Japanese customers, for whom it will be sold by Haskell Co.
All in all, not a bad effort for 2½ months of no sleep.

With any luck, this little experiment will work out well and then we can look at a few other track based ideas we have rattling round our collective brains.
As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 130 – 21/12/2020

Without trying to sound like Bridget and over dramatise things, it’s been over a MILLION YEARS since I’ve put fists to keyboard and added to this little rant thingy.

So, that aside, it is of course getting towards the end of the year. So obviously, it’s time for another Adam’s Corner Christmas.

That’s right, the morbidly obese, bearded one with the unhealthy (and possibly illegal but we are all accepting of everything these days so it’s all become moot really) reindeer and red pyjama fixation squeezes his ever girthsome read quarters down the chimneys that don’t exist anymore due to fir regulations to deliver China’s finest items… Also some socks.

This year has been an interesting and VERY eventful one for all of us. 2020 will surely go down in history as the cancerous polyp on the backside of the calendar.  For us, it was a triple whammy but we got there.

As many of you know, Bridget and I had her MASSIVE fish tank develop an instant and destructive leak. A week later we had the floods and two weeks after that, we had a cyber attack and lost ALL of our data.

So with this pathetic start to the year, we did what we always do… Worked our backsides off! With the help of our insanely dedicated workers (aka the Wuiske Minions), we have managed to turn 2020 into a great year for Wuiske Models and set ourselves up for some VERY big things over the coming years.

This year, we’ve produced a lot of items and it’s actually been our biggest year for adding to our Made In Queensland line. All of this has helped push us further towards our goals of setting up a factory right here on the Darling Downs!

I think I can announce that Bridget and I have already started down this path by purchasing a five acre block that will be the future home of Wuiske Models.

On top of this, we’ve built a fairly sizable shed to house both the shop and the new layout.
The shed is 12 meters wide and 30 meters long. The layout room has been walled off at 12 meters by 24 meters. This will ensure we have a layout that we most likely won’t live long enough to complete.

Being completely honest, this layout is something I have been dreaming of since I was about 8 years old. That’s a layout featuring Normanby yards as it’s heart… But if you’re modelling Normanby, why not add Roma St yard? Why not Mayne? You can see where this is going can’t you?

If you click this link, you’ll see a video I shot of Normanby back in 1994 (when I was 15!).

Once the idea was roughly formulated for what we’d like to reproduce, we set to arranging the shed. Once the slab was poured, everything looked pretty small and not very impressive. The fact that a road train with two side tippers was used to get the sub base in should have been an indicator really.

As the frame was built, the shed was still looking disappointingly small. Then the walls started getting lined! Now, we’re at the stage where every time I stand in the doorway to the layout room I just laugh. Mostly because this is completely INSANE!

Speaking as a slightly insane eight year old, not so cleverly disguised as a forty two year old lunatic with a dopey pony tail and moustache, this is a VERY personal dream of mine and something that I have been wanting to do for over thirty years.

As things progress we will keep you updated with the progress of our latest prance down Lunacy Lane.

As it’s that time of year, Bridget and myself would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to our workers. The Wuiske Models Boys have gone above and beyond this year to build your models and to help us move towards our shared goal of making things right here. Honestly boys, we could not have done any of this without you, so thank you. Honestly, thank you.

This year we’ve done so many things we have been planning for years, some of which were released this year, some still to come.

Bridget and I would like to extent a big thank you to you all for your support and friendship over the last 12 months. It’s been an “interesting” year for all of us and no doubt 2021 will provide more “interesting” things to overcome.

From Bridget, Myself, Aidan, Michael and all the Wuiske Minions, we’d like to wish you all a VERY Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year. With any luck, monumental things are laying ahead of us for 2021… Like me actually writing more chapters of Adam’s Corner.
We shall see how we go.


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Chapter 129 – 15/03/2020

So it’s been a while since the last little rant on here, yet it’s been eventful. Perhaps for ALL the wrong reasons. So here we go with a wrap up of the last couple of months in the Wuiske Asylum.

Firstly, I, on behalf of Bridget, Aidan, Michael and all the Wuiske Models team would like to wish you all a VERY happy New Year. As per usual we have been head down, bum up working on multiple projects. All was shaping up rather well until some passive aggressive bat in Wuhan decided to vent his anger by assaulting a dinner plate and express his ire by making himself appear particularly delectable.

That’s right Corona Virus has impacted us. But not as much as one would expect. I keep reading reports from different manufacturers claiming “In production”, “Will be here by March/April” etc… Upon reading these lines I have been struck with a sense that I really shouldn’t be giggling my head off.

In short, these are lies! Either lies being told by the manufacturer based on insanely optimistic timelines or being told by factories afraid that they’re losing business by this weird “Bat/Mexican Beer thing”.

The reality is simply this, whilst we’re all busy buying toilet paper like it is the solution to world hunger and holds ALL of the keys to alchemy and ant taxidermy, things are actually on the mend in mainland China… kind of.

The reality is that what makes China such a magnificent place to produce anything is what’s hurting us all right now. “The Cluster” as it’s called is wonderful. Personally I love it! However, when you have a migratory population traveling around the country for a national holiday and an illness breaks out, those workers simply can’t get to work.

As a result, you might have the funds to make something and the will. But if there are no bums on seats, it isn’t getting made. That’s the actual reality of the situation. So when you see all those videos of empty streets, remember that those missing people are the ones whom apply brake rigging or do the printing or simply fold boxes on your models.

From our many and lengthy conversations with suppliers and friends over in that part of the world, we’ve been told that there is around 40% of staff back at work. Whilst that sounds good though, it all depends on which staff with which skill set are back at work. So don’t expect to see much happening soon.

That doesn’t really effect the Wuiske Asylum as greatly as one would assume though as our current line up of projects is destined to be made in right here in Queensland. Even though the majority of our tooling is done in China. And so far as tooling, you only really need a couple of people to be at work.

Now, if we can find some friendly pilots to fly our stuff over, then we’re laughing.

As if the Chinese Bat/Mexican Beer/I Need More Bog Roll/Man Flu/Sniffles thing wasn’t bad enough, Recently we had another flood.

As most of you would have seen through our faceplant page, the Wuiske Asylum was washed clean with dirty water. This has, of course, caused no end of issues and disruption to our normally confused and disrupted system.

We now have our stock spread over a couple of locations, the layout has been removed due to massive warping after the water went through and the office is now upstairs in a a space that would make a postage stamp feel cramped.

As if this wasn’t enough, some of the Wuiske Models team have gotten bored… So bored that one decided to take a swan dive through his roof. Imagine a dyslexic and unambitious Superman with severe learning difficulties and no understanding of this “gravity thing” and then you’ve got it.

Despite all of this, we are moving well on our current six projects and should have something to show you all within the next few weeks.

As most of us know by now, our first show of the year, The Bundaberg Model Railway Show has been cancelled by the Wide Bay & South Burnett Model Railway Club.

This amazing feat has been undertaken by the club a mere one week prior to their show and they should be congratulated on their attitude towards avoiding additional spreading of the Chinese Marinated, Bat Flavoured, Mexican Beer Infused Man Flu.

The Brisbane Show taking place on it’s scheduled date is now highly in doubt, but we will be notified and shall pass on all we know as more information comes to hand.

With any luck, common sense will reign the current block of loonies into line and this will pass relatively smoothly… As always, we shall see how we go.

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chapter 128 – 23/12/2019

Since our first steps into the world of mass produced Ready To Run models for the Queensland market back in 2012, we’ve had a small mountain of emails, messages and phone calls regarding “how it’s done” and things of that nature.

At the same time, we’ve heard lots of misleading information from people based on how they believe these models are made or from companies blaming “the Chinese” or “the Factory” for their problems. We’d like to set that straight.

Hopefully, in this chapter, we’ll explain exactly how the process works and how it differs from the conventional methods used for the production of kits and the like for the Australian model railway market.

Prior to 2012 Wuiske Models manufactured kits… about 350 of them! All of these kits first began as a master or pattern. The patterns were either a hand made pattern (usually made from styrene) and taking months to produce or they were made from a rapid prototyped pattern.

The process for rapid prototyping these patterns sped up the process but also meant we could achieve far higher levels of detail because we were no longer limited to what could actually be made by hand.

The end result was a pattern being made using the SLS process of printing that produced a very nice model but one that was INCREDIBLY fragile, not to mention expensive (the A wagon pattern here cost around $600 just for the printed pattern). this system worked well and was then sent to our caster to be reproduced in silicone rubber molds.

The problem with this process is that it is very labour intensive. Each kit takes at least one hour to produce the components. The silicone rubber molds have a very short lifespan of about 20 kits and they are HIGHLY affected by changes in weather. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the urethane material as well as the rubber tend to shrink (or sometimes grow) over time. In other words, you could buy a kit today that is 100mm long and but another one a month or so later and it is 102mm long.

Enter 2012, where Wuiske models decided to take the plunge and attempt to release the QLX louvre wagon as the first step into RTR Queensland models. The attitude taken was that we would either sink or swim (the project cost not that much less than our house in Jandaowae so if we sank it would have been impressive).

In order to produce this model (or any other for that matter), the first step was to identify if it is worthwhile to produce. As an example, how many dining cars do you need? One you say? Well our minimum run is between 1500 and 2500 units. Hopefully this answers why the Lander coaches have not been done… yet.

Once the prototype has been chosen, it’s time to start drawing. Most companies outsource this to their factory and pay a few thousand US Dollars for the privilege.  Wuiske Models do our own design work in house.

This is simply because we are familiar with the prototype and we can get access to complete plans and the prototype (usually). In other words, we don’t really have many revisions to be made (those things are expensive).

The next step is to discuss the project and the design with the tool maker. They will lay the items out depending on what sort of plastic it needs to be made from or if it would be better made from an etch for instance.

Once this is done, we get a Tooling Drawing… and a bill. A BIG BILL!
So, this is crunch time, this is the part where Bridget and I take a very deep breath and part with a large chunk of our collection of modern currency.

Usually the tooling process will take one to three months. once it’s done, we get a “test shot”. Test shots serve to tell us if there is anything that has been made incorrectly from the drawing (we actually had a bolt head forgotten on one model) and where you can make any changes.

Once we’ve approved the test shots, we get another bill. Another BIG BILL! But we have a working high pressure mold.

I feel I should point out the difference between high and low pressure molds here. Low pressure molds are a cheaper alternative (about 1/10th the price) and will give you a mold life of around 1,000 products (this can vary wildly). Where as a high pressure mold will give you a MINIMUM of 300,000 products as well as a severe injury if your foot goes underneath it.

Some examples of low pressure molds are things like the Wuiske Models W irons used on our old four wheel wagon kits as well as the Chivers Fineline model kits produced in the 1990s. The reason for going with higher pressure (aside from the mold life) is that you can make MUCH finer and more detailed items when they are injected at 250 tonne of pressure than 2-8 tonne.

Once we have our molds, the next job is to prepare our artwork designs. This is where the painting and printing is arranged. This means the factory can be one step ahead with all processes.

Next, we go into production, this can vary wildly in the time it takes for a run. If the model is being made in China, the production team is usually around 30 woman (they’re far more dexterous than us blokes, deal with it). whilst if we’re producing here in Queensland, our team is between 2 and 8 people depending on the complexity.

The next step is packaging and Quality control (universally known as QC). This is most likely the biggest part of the production. This is where you find out someone forgot to put the wheels on a model (it happens when there are thousands of them). With our Chinese made products, we can thank (and he will remind us if we forget to do so) Kieren Haskell. That mad half Aussie, half Ferret that we reluctantly call a mate.

So, now we have a shiny new model to show you. Thousands of shiny new models actually. all we can do is hope like hell that you, the modeller likes them and buy them.

Finally, we can sit back, wipe away the sweat and tears, apologise to our team for that rant I went on each and every evening when we were under the gun and get started on our next project.

Over the past 17 years of Wuiske Models we have had products made for us in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, India, Taiwan and of course China. In an ideal world, we will eventually be able to make the vast majority of our products right here in Queensland.

With our chosen profession,  Bridget and I know we will never be millionaires, but we’re very happy to be working in an industry we love (most of the time), working with friends (again, most of the time) and dealing with people whom are just as insane and obsessed as we are on a daily basis.

With that being said, both Bridget and I would like to thank each and every member of the Wuiske Models team both here in Australia as well as those around the world whom help us deliver the products we love making. Hopefully this little chapter of ours has helped shed some light on the processes involved in making your models.

As mentioned previously, we have some big things coming in 2020 and rest assured we will be working quietly away in the background to bring them to you… As ever, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 127 – 21/12/2019

It appears to be “that time of year again”. That’s right it’s the part of the year where we all pretend we’ve been good for the preceding 12 months and get ready to have our roofs assaulted by 8 terminally chirpy reindeer hauling a morbidly obese, facial hair festooned diabetic with a seriously unhealthy red pajama fetish.

It’s around this time of year that some silly long haired bugger starts getting reflective upon the year that’s been.

For me personally, 2019 will be remembered as the year that we achieved a very personal dream of mine and released not one, but TWO mass produced RTR wagons made right here in Queensland.

This is something we’ve been quietly plodding away at for nearly 10 years. And we’re very thankful to ALL of you for the unimaginable support you’ve directed at us. on behalf of the entire Wuiske Models team, I’d like to say a massive thank you to you all.

Back in April, we released the HJS Open Wagon as our first “Made in Qld” product and the response was brilliant.

With our second release, the KSA cattle Wagon, we managed to step up a few levels of complexity to include finer and more detailed injection molding (that we were told was impossible) and of course Tampo Printing!

Printing of this type is something that has not been done on Model trains in Australia since the 1970s!

Overall, Bridget and I are now about 85% of our way towards setting up a complete model railway factory right here in Queensland and we have A LOT more models coming.

With all of this going on, it’s been a bit of a struggle to find time to get any real work done on our own models. Aside (of course) from the fleet of weathered HJS and KSA wagons that are now at home on the Wuiske Models layout.

About the only things I’ve managed to do is to get  few QLXP wagons completed just for ourselves. These still need couplers and handbrake wheels applied.

We’ve also finally finished the Caintode Flats CLC wagon kit. This still needs the air hoses painted and weathering applied. I did use our Combination Brake Set, Air Hoses and Buffers on this model. Otherwise, it’s a stock standard kit.

I can safely say that 2020 will be bringing a few new and exciting items from both the Wuiske/Haskell stable as well as the wuiske models made in QLD line.

On behalf of Bridget, Myself and the entire Wuiske Models team, we would like to wish you all a VERY merry and safe Christmas as well as a safe and prosperous new year.

Hopefully next year we’ll get some more of our personal models completed. We are hoping to write a chapter on the complete process for making RTR models as this seems to be a closely guarded secret these days here in Australia. As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 126 – 04/11/2019

So it seems like it’s been a while since another round of weirdness has been unloaded on this humble little page… Most likely because it has been!

However, in our defense, Bridget, myself and the tribe of daylight-fearing pygmies that we call the “Wuiske Models Team” have been collectively busier than a mass group of one-legged men in bum-kicking contests (am I the only one whom really wants to see this?)

So, with all of that aside (and the sunlight topic out of the way for the team for another 6 months), let’s get right into it…

Wuiske Models is VERY proud to announce our sixth ready To Run wagon and our second to be designed and made right here in Queensland–the KSA cattle Wagons.

These wagons are something we’ve wanted to produce for the best part of a decade.
The KSA cattle Wagons were built in 5 batches between 1957 and 1975, totaling 500 wagons in the class.

For this model, we’ve reproduced the KSAs from the second batch. these were introduced between 1961 and 1962. With the majority of the wagons lasting right up until the year 2000.

These models feature ultra fine construction and detailing. The sides are a scale 2 inches thick, JUST LIKE THE REAL THING! They also feature our standard bogie pin mounting system so you can remove, replace or modify the bogies however you want without damaging your models.

The KSAs also feature custom Tampo Printed data panels, based on photographs. This process has not been done in Australia for model trains since around 1971… Until now.

A cattle load to compliment these wagons is in development as we speak and should be ready well before Christmas.

As with all of our models, the KSA includes our popular partially compressed buffers to ensure you don’t need massive curves to enjoy your models.

These, along with the air hoses, are included in the pack for those who wish to add them.

These new wagons can be found here:
In HOn3½ Gauge
In HO Standard Gauge

Bridget and I would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to the hard working (and ever expanding) Wuiske Models team for making it possible for us to achieve the impossible (and slightly insane) idea of producing Queensland Models in Queensland.

We will be doing more Adam’s Corner pages on these wagons so far as weathering and loading. As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 125 – 21/08/2019

Well it’s been a while since we last took a little jaunt down Insanity Drive without a parrot, so completely off my own back (and without even the slightest bit of whisperings coming every 3½ seconds from the Bridget shaped object in the house) I’ve decided to do another corner. So here goes.

On our return from the Gold Coast show (wow it has been a while), we dropped in to our good friend Peter Krause’s new house in the beautifully leafy downtown suburb of that Place Near Ipswich.

For some time Krausey had been threatening us with our need to perform a visitation upon his house and shiny new shed. Finally we made it and I for one am REALLY glad we did.

Now, it’s at this point that I should take the time to warn, dear reader, of the horrific images that lay ahead in this chapter.

These images may be disturbing for some of you as they contain the following,
Images of O Scale!
Images of NSW models!
Ridiculously LARGE curves!
Perfect layout height!

And last but certainly not least…
Models made by or in conjunction with KIEREN HASKELL!
You have been warned.

That being said, I am told that a strange sound that remotely resembled an Adam style voice was heard saying “This O scale stuff is not bad”.

Despite my protestations of it being some form of native bird call, both Bridget and Krausey maintain it was me that made the noise… obviously, the jury is still out and whilst we await scientific verification of my bird theory, let’s get back to Krausey’s layout…

The layout itself is based on Tenterfield in NSW. The layout of the station yard is pretty well spot on for the area although it has been compressed in length a small amount.

When I say a small amount, I do mean a small amount. Just the station building is 3 FEET LONG!

This layout is just impressive, no matter how you look at it. The details are exceptional! There is no fancy rare or freak occurrences (like car crashes etc) to draw the eye, just a small slice of rural NSW.

from the station and yard, which still has a dairy, meatworks and other associated industries to be added to it, the trains round the largest curves, either Bridget or I have ever seen on a home layout… 8 FEET RADIUS!!!! No matter what you’re interested in, these are just impressive.

Adding to the wow factor on Krausey’s layout is the fact that he has it set at a realistic height. The amount of great layouts out there that actually look awful simply because they are set too low is ridiculous.

So it was very pleasing to see what is (in our opinion anyway) the perfect height for operating these massive trains and viewing the scenes.

Once around the curves, the layout arrives at an as yet incomplete station and yard. This will be where the traffic from Tenterfield gets martialled into it’s respective trains and other associated industries can do their thing.

Just before reaching this point, however, a rather interesting set of points has been placed, this is going to be the branch leading to Krausey’s version of Wallangarra. for those of you whom have never heard of Wallangarra, it’s the break of gauge station on the Queensland/NSW border.

Obviously, such a massive station precinct as therer was in Wallangarra will need to be compressed a little bit but it will house his staging yard and justify his rather extensive collection of O scale QLD models!

This was also the first time either Bridget or myself had seem some of the brass models Kieren had built in the flesh. first off was the NSW 44 class.

These were made as a partnership between Kieren, Krausey (when he owned O-Aust Kits) and Peter Berg of Berg’s Hobbies in Parramatta. These are a superb model, not to mention MASSIVE! and they run beautifully… obviously sound is a must for something like this.

These models were something the boys were working on right at the time that Kieren and I did the first RTR wagons for Queensland. So I’d heard a lot about them and was keen to actually see one in the flesh. Bridget was even more keen to run one… and she did.

Next up, Krausey appeared from the house with his CPH railmotor.
These were another model I’d heard a lot about and they were produced by Kieren in conjunction with Chris Harris and roger Porter (formerly of Warratah Models).

These, are an AMAZING model… Not that I am even remotely interested in the CPH, just the detail in them is stunning. My favorite part is the truss on the underframe. Just BRILLIANT!

Whilst Peter Krause and I have had a long association through Wuiske Models and O-Aust Kits, we made a lot of patterns for their kits. We rarely got a chance to sit down and run trains or even to admire the models. We’re happy to say we’ve rectified this.

Whilst I am still mildly annoyed with the existence of that place called New South Wales and have no interest in their railways personally, I can and will say that I kind of get it now. I can see the attraction towards O Scale and the NSW rural scenes.

So I think it’s safe to say that both Bridget and I had a Fantastic time with Pete and thank him for his hospitality. I think it’s also safe to say that we won’t be doing any more of this O Scale stuff again… Oh wait, Krausey has an O scale QR layout that we can talk about publicly now.
I guess we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 124 – 29/05/2019

Well another Brisbane Show is behind us and another RTR wagon is under our belts, on to the next one… But before we do, maybe Bridget and I can get some work done on the layout first.

After much checking, rechecking, double checking, checking to see if we weren’t checking too much and checking to see if we understood what we’d checked and finally a game of checkers… Bridget and I decided to install the Digikeijs components on the layout.

After much revision and swearing from myself, Bridget managed to follow the destructions for the system and I’m pleased to say that we now have the main unit (DR5000) as well as the two booster units (DR5033) wired in and the layout is back to being three power districts.

You’ll notice in the photo, three DR4088LN units. These are the block detection units. I’m very pleased (and relieved) to say that these are VERY simple to connect. Essentially, one wire from the bus remains exactly where it is. The other runs through the DR4088LN and each section (or Block) has one wire going into the corresponding point on the 4088LN.

Whilst Bridget and I have only wired in the first power district for block detection, we now know what we’re ding, so the next step is to place gaps in the rails of the other sections and wire them through the next two 4088LN units.

Aside from all the DCC related stuff, I’ve had a chance to add some loads to a couple of our personal HJS wagons. This was done with simple items I found on eBay over the years. Personally, I think the wagons with the tarped loads need to be dulled down a bit with a misty or a grimy colour.

Aside from this, Bridget has proved far more patient than myself when it comes to installing point motors in difficult positions. We’ve also added some more greenery to the area surrounding the fuel depot.

A fence was made from soldered brass wire (as per a previous chapter) and covered with tulle fabric, the whole thing was then painted with a matt aluminium paint.

This weekend we have the upcoming Toowoomba Model Railway Show, This one is always a great event… Even though it is ALWAYS freezing! As with the Brisbane Show, Steve Colclough has kindly volunteered to lend a hand and install decoders and offer a repair service for everyone. Bridget and I hope to see you there.

With small bits and pieces being done bit by bit, the layout is really starting to take shape, soon enough, we’ll be installing the signalling… Then again, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 123 – 02/05/2019

Well we’re all ready for yet another Brisbane Model Train Show.
Please remember that this year it is at the Exhibition Building of the Brisbane Showgrounds o the corner of Gregory Terrace and Costin Street in Bowen Hills.

This year, we are proud to have our brand new HJS Open Wagons available for sale. In case you missed the last Adam’s Corner, these are our 10th RTR model and the first mass produced QR model EVER to be made right here in QUEENSLAND!

We were hoping to be able to release the two sets of HJS wagons in the black livery but the axles (one of the very few components not made in Australia) have not arrived in time. As such we only have a VERY limited number of these that will be available on a first come, first served basis.

In addition to this, we will have a small number of the long sold out Bicentennial 2401D models available (by small, we mean 4). These are models that had been put aside for people and never collected, then been overlooked by us. Again, these will be available on a first come, first served basis.

This year we will have a novel addition to the Wuiske Models Stand. Steve Colclough will be on hand for the entire weekend offering his DCC fitting and programing services to all. He is asking just $25.00 to fit decoders to Wuiske Models products but will also be happy to provide any onsite repairs and services as well as fitting general DC decoders to other models.

Whilst we’re talking about Steve and DCC decoders, I should point out that the Loksound V4 sound units have now been upgraded to the shiny and BRAND NEW V5 decoders. These offer far superior sound quality, clarity and functionality. As he will be programing them on site, the files available are for the 1550, 1720, 2100, 2400 and 2470 classes. That’s right, the 2100 files are here!

On a separate note, Bridget and I are very proud to advise that on Monday the 29th of April, we welcomed our latest addition to the Wuiske Clan… Michael Adam Wuiske was born at 8:15pm and both he and Bridget are doing brilliantly.

On behalf of Bridget and myself, we would like to thank you all for the well wishes and congratulatory messages, they mean a lot to us. With a shiny new Ready To Scream Model in tow, we will be enlisting the help of Hayden Lynch from Lynch Castings (and of Captain Blackout infamy) to assist us at the show.

With all of that being said, we look forward to seeing you all there and with any luck, some sleep will have been had prior to the event… As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 122 – 13/04/2019

Well this chapter is one that I have personally been waiting a long time to write. Some of you may have heard that lunatic Adam prattling on (for the last decade) about “making things in Australia” and “Come hell or high water…”. Well, I am VERY proud (and relieved) to say that we’ve done it.

After a decade of planning, learning, accruing equipment (such as gluing robots and a Tampo Printer that weighs just under a TONNE!), and pulling out hair, Wuiske Models is proud to announce the release of the READY TO RUN HJS Open Wagons!

And whilst we’ve already produced 0ver 14,500 models in RTR format, this one is a little special–Because it is MADE IN QUEENSLAND!

That’s right, the Wuiskes are setting up an actual factory here in Queensland! Our first offering is the HJS wagon and we’ve managed to release it with a team of just 8 people.

For this release, we’ve jumped the gun a little as we’re actually still in production on two packs. Today, we’re releasing three packs in the grey livery and we will have two packs in the original black livery due for release at the Brisbane Show.

As per usual for us, the wagons come in a pack of three and have buffers, door stops and air hoses included in the box. As we’ve always maintained we would try and do, we’ve kept the price at the same $175.00 per pack!

HOn3½ packs can be found HERE.
The HO packs can be found here.

The models, as with our Chinese made wagons made in partnership with Haskell Co of Taiwan feature, factory fitted Kadee #158 Scale Head Couplers, Accurate space between coupled wagons with compressed buffers to avoid buffer lock on tight curves, Highly Accurate interior detail, Our standardised Bogie Mounting Pins for simplicity as well as a factory applied Matt Finish to make weathering applications easier.

All packs are available in both HOn3½ (12mm gauge) as well as Standard HO gauge (16.5mm). Also as per usual, the couplers are set to the correct coupler height for Queensland Rail so you know they will match all of the other accurate RTR models on the market presently. The HJS open wagons have been designed and built to run with a minimum operating radius of 18″ (457mm).

All of the packs of RTR HJS wagons are being made available in new running numbers that have not been offered in the already popular kits. This ensures that no one doubles up on running numbers, because that’s annoying.

At this point, I would personally like to thank each and every member of the Wuiske Models team for the ridiculous amounts of work, time and effort they have put in to help us achieve something that has been a very personal dream of mine for about a decade.

Similarly, I would like to thank them for putting up with the 2am visits, calls, rants, ear bashings, death threats and voodoo curses… that are (honestly) a necessity in under taking a project such as this.

In particular, I would like to thank my ever wonderful (and totally pregnant) Bridget, for keeping me sane (no really) and just being there, helping, throughout the entire process from start to finish.

Assuming all goes to plan and this whole “Made in Queensland” thing works, we have many, many other projects we would like to get stuck into, and hopefully we can have a larger range of models made right here in Queensland, by Queenslanders!
As always though, we shall see how we go.

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