Chapter 99 – 12/10/2015

99-01This chapter of Adam’s Corner comes to you from a usually quiet place within the Wuiske Asylum…. My office. However, today, as I sit down to put fists and forehead to keyboard, the kids have discovered a shiny, new and LARGE cardboard box. As such we have space missions, housing construction and demolition and two wannabe dogs jumping around like a jogger with a thumbtack in his shoes.

99-02None the less, we shall see how long I can keep this going. The Wuiske Layout has had a fair bit of work completed or at least commenced on it recently. We now have both main lines laid which is FANTASTIC! Why didn’t I do this the first time around? Running two to four trains at once whilst shunting with another is so much more fun! Honestly, if you’re building a freelanced QR layout, go with a double track main!

99-03Some of you may have seen on our faceplant page that Wuiske Models will soon be selling CR Signals from the UK. These are spectacular handmade signals that match QR signals rather closely. Thus far, I have installed a two aspect signal on the branch. This is wired up to a repeater signal, like the prototype (funny that hey). Also I have put in the first of the shunt signals leading to the branch from an industry. I seriously love these things and look forward to getting some more.

99-04Similarly, we have recently received some new supplies of Peco HOm track which were added to the website not long ago.

Meanwhile, the children have started stacking things on top of their box house/fort/spaceship/kennel.

99-05The as yet unnamed second yard has now been laid and needs to be wired… 42 pairs of wires for me to solder… yippee!
The second and third branches have started to be laid as well. We have the track down for the first five industries… Already that’s two more than we had on the entire previous layout and there is way more to come so far as operations.

99-06After a series of shows, I’ve been buying up a lot of the Rix Products Kits. These things are fantastic as industrial sheds. Being a large industrial layout, I need a bucket load of them and the Rix products fit the bill nicely. They are essentially a modular building system that has been really well thought out. I strongly recommend them for any Aussie layout.

99-07So whilst there is still a long way to go on this layout, I am getting to the point where operations are already possible on a larger scale than was possible on the previous layout. We are even planning on restarting our Wuiske Models barbecues soon so we can get as many people here as possible to “play trains”.

99-08For those of you whom have not seen our faceplant page, Rob had a motorcycle accident in July.

Well what actually happened was that he was pleasantly riding along near Maidenwell one evening when he discovered a kamikaze kangaroo that decided it would be smart to head butt his leg.

Thankfully Rob is alive and relatively okay…. now.

99-09His bike was written off as was his leg. With the aid of some gaffer tape and a bit of chewing gum, his leg is now on the mend. His bike may require the afore mentioned items as well as some plaster.

Both Rob and Coral would like to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for Rob’s health.

It means a lot to them and is greatly appreciated.

99-10August saw the RMCQ show at Strathpine. As usual, this was a great success and we had an absolute ball. My brother Craig and I would like to thank John and the boys at the RMCQ for yet again putting on a spectacular show. We had a great time and look forward to next year’s show as usual.

99-11Our most recently attended show was the Redlands Show at Cleveland. This one is a smaller show but always great fun. Jade and the kids unfortunately missed out on this one, however Craig and I had a great time, as always.

99-12In a couple of weeks it will be time for the last show of this year, the Ipswich Model Train Show at the Workshops Rail Museum.

With any luck, Hop-Along-Rob will be back on deck soon for shows, although he will unfortunately miss this one.

99-13Jade is presently trying to surgically remove two children from a cardboard box…

This usually signals the time for Adam to grab a coffee and sit back and watch the fun that ensues…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

2015QMTSflyerOur next exhibition will be The Queensland Model Train Show at the Workshops Rail Museum, North Street, Ipswich.

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of October 2015.

For more information visit: The Workshops Website

99-14Our 1550 locomotives have made another appearance in Model Railroader, this time in the form of a Quick Look Review on page 74 of the November 2015 issue!

A couple of slight little errors including gauge being noted as HOn3 instead of HOn3½ but all in all we’re stoked!

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