Chapter 98 – 24/07/2015

98-01So this chapter will be an interesting one but also something of a first.

Wuiske Models have received the run of 2401D bicentennial liveried locomotives.

After careful inspection (as we were going through checking them actually), we discovered an issue…

The paint didn’t match!

98-02Whilst the models look brilliant upon first glance, there is a slight shade variation between the front yellow sections and the rear. Some of you will recall my seemingly constant complaints about yellow paint being the worst of colours to paint with due to the fact that it is essentially translucent ever since the removal of lead from the manufacturing process…
Well here is the proof of just that (all those whom argued with this premise on forums, please start your engines).

98-03The issue with the colour variation is most noticeable in low light… Let’s call it “layout lighting” and we noticed it straight away on the Wuiske Models layout.

Neither Jade nor I was happy with it. We discussed this with Kieren and he was in agreement that the issue was one that no one would be happy with in our opinion.

98-04As a result, we have arranged with the factory for these units to be sent back and to have the shells remade from scratch. This is a VERY rare move to be suggested by companies and an even rarer move to be accepted by a factory in China. Luckily for us, we have an excellent working relationship with our factory and Kieren made a special trip over there to discuss rectifying this problem.

98-05As a result, ALL the 2401D models will be delayed as they are being remade to ensure they are right. We apologise for this unexpected delay (we were supposed to be releasing them today) but we would rather delay people and explain the true and genuine reasons than sell you a model we believe is sub-standard.

98-06Some people have mentioned that the issue is not that  bad, but it is one that I, as a modeller, would not be happy to live with and it is one that I certainly would not be comfortable asking others to live with.

98-07As we know there are a lot of people waiting on this model (myself included), I am personally apologising for this unexpected delay. The models are most likely “acceptable” to some but I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that we let this imperfection through and into your hands.

98-08The remade 2401D models should be available by the end of this year as opposed to the expected time of “late July” that we promoted through our faceplant page and website. Technically, the models were ready by this time, we just refused to accept them.

98-09We will keep you updated as to the progress, we will also be letting the shops know what has happened to ensure that everyone knows of these issues.

This announcement does not nullify our prior announcement and decision regarding these models, which has now been moved from the front page of our site to this Adam’s Corner to keep things together.


After much discussion within the Shared Wuiske Models and Haskell Asylums, we have been forced into making a decision we had not wished to make regarding the Bicentennial 2401D model. We presently supply over 20 shops in Australia and overseas. With such a limited run of a model we have had two retailers trying to effectively call “dibs” on a vast proportion of the run. One was very adamant about how many they “HAD to have” and how we “owed it to them”.

As such, we have decided that to work in the best interest of you, the modeller, and to avoid as many people as possible missing out on this limited production model (or to avoid the possibility of paying stupid prices on eBay in 6 months time) we have made the decision that ALL models of 2401D in the Bicentennial livery will be made available direct through Wuiske Models ONLY.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes as it was not our preferred option. However we have spent well over a decade producing models for modellers (like myself for instance) and we refuse point blank to be told how many models we “have” to set aside for any retailer.

If any retailers have an issue with this policy then they are welcome to discontinue stocking our products as one shop has already threatened to (Wuiskes don’t work well with threats). This action has been taken as a direct result of the actions of two retailers (one in particular) and we will not bow to any pseudo pressure being applied on this front.

Whilst we usually go out of our way to support and promote the local hobby shops, there are limits to what we will put up with.

Having said that, if you have ordered one of these models through your local hobby shop, please PHONE US ASAP (07 4668 5976 anytime) to let us know and we will happily honour your standing arrangement and send it to them for you to purchase.

on behalf of Adam & Jade Wuiske and Kieren & Anita Haskell.98-11

98-12We will hopefully get back to updating the layout side of my corner soon and do a few more videos…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

2015RMCQflyerOur next exhibition will be The Pine Rivers Model Train and Hobby Exhibition put on by the boys and girls of the Railway Modellers’ Club of Queensland.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of August 2015 at the Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine (enter off Mecklem Street).

For more information visit:

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