Chapter 97 – 01/05/2015

After a bit of a break from my little rant, I thought I should once again put fists to keyboard and whinge, rant, rave and inform you all of the latest goings on in the Wuiske Asylum.

97-01After the last chapter where Jade demonstrated the installation process for the LokSound Decoders into our 1550 and 2400 class locos, we have been swamped with people converting to sound. This is great news and we’re all genuinely happy to see it. It was only a handful of years ago that a few people were claiming that “it’s impossible to fit sound to QR locos” so this is a great development and encouraging to see this side of the hobby developing so quickly.

97-02As usual, Wuiske Models attended the Brisbane Model Train Show in early May. The venue this year was getting close to being back at it’s original stomping ground. As such I have to say, it was a roaring success. We were proud to be tied in with AMRA as being a supporter and it was fantastic to see so many of you there as well as soooooo many new faces to the hobby.

97-03Around the time that we got our breath back from the Brisbane Show, the Toowoomba show (put on by the Darling Downs Model Railway Club) was due. As usual, Wuiske Models were there with bells on. As always, Rob and I had a phenomenal show!

97-04Again, it was encouraging to see so many new modellers coming into QR modelling. Being a smaller show, we got to have a decent chat with quite a few of you and had an absolute ball. Both Rob and I would like to thank Ted Freeman and all the others whom put so much time and effort into organising this brilliant show.

97-05As is usual after the Toowoomba show, I had an attack of inspiration for working on the new layout.

97-06I have not had the time to do a great deal on it since the release of the 1550s but the progress I’ve made has been quick and huge.

97-07The biggest change has been the addition of the 3mm MDF backdrop board, which was mounted using liquid nails and clamps to avoid nail or screw heads showing through the backdrops.

Extra progress had also been made on the trackbed base and Trackrite foam underlay.

97-08Jade managed to get the backdrops (save for the last couple of meters thus far) installed. I’ve discovered a new affection for our “Distant Tree line” backdrop. This backdrop is one that I never really liked and used to actively talk people out of buying.

97-09That was until Jade installed twenty plus meters of it on the Wuiske Models layout! This backdrop is BRILLIANT! It adds depth to every scene and really brightens things up. As such, it’s my new favourite product!

97-10I have mentioned previously that I have been using Cobalt Digital Turnout Motors by DCC Concepts on the new layout. These things are fantastic! Whilst I am not fully using the DCC side of things on my layout, the power feed to the frog of the points and the simplicity of wiring is fantastic!
As with anything electrical, I did walk into using them with some concerns.

97-11I’m more than happy to say that these were all completely unfounded.  Highly recommend using these point motors as they are simpler to install than the Peco solenoids and they actually work out cheaper than using the Peco units with the add on switch to power the polarity. I’ll be sure to do a chapter on how I install them at some point, one day and weather permitting as usual.

97-12Despite there being a nationwide shortage of Peco 12mm gauge track in Australia, We have managed to lay the first ain line and all bar around ten feet of the second main. The yards and first branch line are taking shape as well.

97-13After the success I have found with using the DCC Concepts point motors, we have now started selling them as well. As is my usual practice, I will not sell anything that I don’t use myself. Similarly, we have also started stocking Peco products. The DCC Concepts products are currently on the website and the Peco products will be added as stock becomes available.

97-14Despite being busier than a one armed juggler with an itchy bum, I have managed to get some time to weather two of my own 1550 class locos for my layout, 1558D and 1572H.

97-15Both units have been weathered to different degrees and have been done almost completely with our weathering powders. I did apply a faint coat of Floquil CN grey (no longer available but any light grey will do) with an airbrush to tone down the blue and yellow and help give them a more faded look.

97-16For those of you that follow our faceplant  page,  ( wuiskemodels) you will have already seen photos of these models and some of the responses to how they were done.

97-17I am looking at doing a video corner soon to update everyone as to the progress on the layout to see the entirety of it thus far. As always though, we shall see how we go.

MR-Cody's OfficeWe’ve had a few reviews published recently in various model railway magazines.

Most notable was our special mention on Model Railroader’s online publication Cody’s Office in April 2015 and news announcement in the 2015 July Issue. We have been told MR-2015-07-1550this is the first time in about 47 years that an Australian model featured in Model Railroader.

We’ve also had reviews published in Continental Modeller, Narrow Gauge Down Under Magazine, and Australian Model Railway Magazine. Thanks to all the publications for allowing us to share these with our readers.

CM-2015-06-1550 NGDU-2015-04-1550


2015GCMTSflyerOur next exhibition will be the Miniature Trains On The Coast Model Train and Hobby Show put on by the boys and girls of the Miniature Train Club Gold Coast, on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July 2015 at the Carara Basketball Stadium, Gold Coast Indoor Sports Complex, Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Carrara (New Location). For more information visit: or on facebook: 234389753294071

Also a little oops moment in my last Adam’s Corner. There was a step I missed photographing and mentioning, it’s not crucial but it does help. Here it is, and it has been added to Chapter 96 in its correct sequence.

96-36Prepare the area in the locomotive shell where the speaker will be mounted by folding down the two brass tabs that mount the brass mesh over the radiator fan with the aid of a flathead screwdriver. Care must be taken to ensure you do not pop out the brass mesh on the topside.

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