Chapter 95 – 23/04/2015

95-01Well here we go again, this chapter WAS going to be about the layout but instead we have decided to drop a bit of a bombshell.

So here goes…

95-02Wuiske Models (again and as ever) in partnership with Haskell Co are proud announce the imminent release of the QR 2400 class. As discussed a few chapters ago, we had several projects being worked on and this is the second of those several (obviously the 1550 was the first).

95-03The 2400 class was a logical progression from the 1550 as they were (essentially) the same locomotive. In fact the first of what would become the 2400 class was actually numbered 1577 whilst under construction at Clyde.

95-04The primary reason for the new class was that if the order was added to again, it would cross over the 1600 number series and the 1600 class was still very much in traffic at the time.

Having said that, there are a few modifications to the long hood of the 2400 class that distinguish them from the 1550 class.

95-05The new Wuiske Models/ Haskell 2400 class will be released in seven running numbers. All variations will be available in both Narrow Gauge (HOn3½) and Standard Gauge (HO) as with our first locomotive.

The running numbers being released are as follows:

95-06In the as built format with the high nose, we will be offering 2410 and 2414 in the blue livery.

95-07In the modified Driver Only blue livery, we will be offering 2402D and 2421D.

95-08As something completely different we will be offering two running numbers painted in the corporate livery and still fitted with their original high noses. These will be 2412 and 2415.

95-09Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, we will be offering 2401D the Bicentennial locomotive. This model will he released in the Driver Only version only as the high nose version only ran in traffic for a period of well under twelve months.

95-10These models will feature the same level of detail and features as our previously released 1550 class. They have been designed to accept the same sound units as the 1550 class as well as they were fitted with the same running equipment.

95-11As with the announcement of the 1550, we are sure there will be a few questions.

So here goes…

What’s with the high nose corporate units?

95-12Believe it or not, there were actually no 2400 class units converted to driver only and painted in corporate livery that we can find. Having said that, several were painted in corporate livery whilst still fitted with their original high nose. Plus they just look “beefy” and certainly stand out from the crowd of other 90 tonne QR locos.

Why are you releasing a second locomotive so soon?

95-13As many of you are aware, we had no intention of releasing the 2400 so soon. With the announcement of the SRM 2400 class several days ago though, we decided that we needed to show our hand on these locos as soon as possible to avoid annoying modellers as we are VERY near completion of production as I type this (Some versions are already in Australia!). With the model being essentially completed and paid for, we were left with little option but to show and release them.

95-14What price are they going to be?

The 2400 class locomotives will not be affected by recent price rises within the model railway industry. Just as with the 1550s, they will still be $295.00

95-15Why DID the chicken cross the road?

We discussed this with our last loco release and still look forward to a day when members of the poultry world can take a simple (or perhaps not so simple) wander without their motives being questioned. And shame on you for asking again. I was sure we established our position on this last time.

95-16When will they be released?

At present it looks like we will have limited numbers of most of the 2400s available for sale at the Brisbane Miniature Train Show on the 9th and 10th of May. The Bicentennial unit (2401D) will be released in late July as they are still in production. If this date gets moved forwards at all, we will let you know obviously.

95-17At present, we have 2400s littering the world as some are presently on planes, some are here, some are on a ship and 2401 is still in production. This is the reason we usually don’t announce this early as the transportation systems we use can tend to look a little helter skelter… But it all works in the end.

95-18As such, we look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Brisbane Show and we should have a few of our new 2400 class there for sale. But, as always we shall see how we go.

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