Chapter 92 – 22/12/2014

xmas-hat92-01We are fast approaching that dreaded time of year when the fat bearded one with the unhealthy reindeer fetish starts testing the structural integrity of our roof whilst trying desperately to avoid sliding on his ample backside off our roof while delivering (hopefully) fresh venison to the Wuiske house (is it just me or are my descriptions of “Christmas” getting longer and longer?).

As such, I am now required to put fists to keyboard and bash out my traditional end of year, non denominational, Anglo, Christian, Jewish, Pastafarian, Cargo Cult, um, ‘ish corner.
With that being said, obviously, Jade has been putting up her Christmas lights in order to cause retinal dysfunction to any passing aliens that may contemplate venturing near to the centre of Planet Jandowae.

92-02Obviously, the Alien tourist board has been working in collusion with some politicly corrected deity style figure to ensure that the Jandowae Asylum has received a greater than usual sprinkling of rain. This has of course meant that a good deal of the light sets Jade had placed up in the front yard managed to re-enact the final scene from the movie Titanic and give a brave flicker and then shine bright black throughout the night.
The other apparent reason for this happening, I believe, is the fact that our heroic, brave, intelligent, insane, moronic, sycophantic gumbyment has taken it upon itself to declare our area as drought ridden. Every time our gumbyment declares our area drought affected, we start our (nearly) annual round of window shopping at the boat shop.
But maybe this year we might break with tradition and actually say something in the Adam’s Corner… Just to form a traditional of breaking the tradition of our tradition of not breaking traditions whilst putting up with traditions being jammed down our throats at this time of year where traditions are traditionally a traditional thing because, well, it’s traditional.

92-03As this year has been rocketing by at the speed of a thousand spastic mudcrabs (armed with some form of disabled mud crab speedy transportation device this year too), we have found that within the blink of an eye, the days have been turning into months and left all associated with Team Wuiske wondering where the pages on our calendar went to.

To reference this, little Sir, aka Keith is starting Prep next year. Adelaide is starting Kindergarten in April and everyone is in general getting older much quicker. This of course has it’s up sides… For instance the kids are now old enough to warn Daddy as to which path Mummy is making on her usual rampage to discover my location and “subtly question” me about why her favourite mixing bowls have plaster residue on them. Also with our combined ageing attempts, Jade has finally reached the age where her bat like hearing cannot in fact catch ALL amusing quips that I may make within a twenty kilometre radius of her. That being said, most people are still whispering in her presence just top ensure that she is not trying to lull us into a false sense of security, like last time. Or the time before actually.

92-04This year has been our busiest year ever. Wuiske Models has been doing more and more commercial jobs for increasingly larger companies, we have been working harder than ever towards our ready to run product goals and the layout has been feeling sadly neglected as a result of these things.

92-05That being said, with the arrival of the painted samples of our 1550 class locomotives, I have found a renewed enthusiasm for simply running trains on the layout. After fitting DCC decoders to the locomotives, I have been ecstatic with their running properties. Even Keith has been running them with me and having a ball.

92-06It has now become our nearly daily ritual to descend to the layout room and run trains on the layout now and we both can disappear from view of the Wuiske females for several hours of simple train related delight.

92-07On the running side of things, I have been especially impressed (joyously stunned is a more apt description) with one simple and almost unnoticed quality in the 1550 locomotives, that’s there are no issues! Whislt this should sound like a “well duh” kind of comment, please keep in mind that for 12 years, I have had locomotives with many different brands of mechanism, wheel type and pick up system fitted to them.

92-08They all ran well (sometimes with some minor tweaking) but there were always “no go” sections of the layout for each and every one of them. Many of you who have been out here and run trains on the layout will recall how certain cross overs would simply allow NO 90 tonne locomotives to work through them, no matter how many modifications we made to the track work.

92-09Some of you will also recall the sections nearest the door that suffer the greatest from the movement we get in our house. These sections can create buckles in the track that simply mean certain models will not work over these sections. There are many more little issues that you just take in your stride and we’ve all experienced them, frequently.
The 1550 models just worked. There was no “tweaking”, no fan fair no adjustments required, they just ran where they were directed. All this without fuss or fault.

92-10There were even sections of the layout that have not seen a train run on them in more than five years that the 1550 just quietly ran over without issue. Surely this is how the American or British modellers feel? Whatever it is, it is a nice feeling to just be able to run a train without having to think about it and simply enjoy the act of operating a railway as a miniature railway.

92-11As per usual, our painted samples required a couple of fixes to be made to the printing and painting but nothing of major difficulty. The majority of things that needed to be fixed up were simply painting masks that had been forgotten to be applied or overlooked.

92-12These things do happen when there is this much printing and masking on a model, as most manufacturers will tell you.
That being said, with these small things rectified we are very happy with the results of our factory’s work on what will be our first mass produced RTR locomotive.

92-13With all of that being said, Keiren, Jade and myself have still been working ridiculous hours to ensure that every phase is worked though completely to our satisfaction and that we can do our utmost to satisfy most QR modellers. Obviously, we won’t be able to make everyone happy, but we feel confident that most will be more than satisfied with our first efforts on a Queensland locomotive.

As the year is drawing fast to its end, I would like (as usual) to express my most sincere thanks to all those who have continued to support us through the year and indeed over the last 12 years. As Wuiske Models grows and ages (I won’t say matures), the list of people modelling QR is growing greatly. The list of people whom started out as customers and have grown in to true and genuine friends is also growing and we are all grateful for everyone’s efforts to push us on further and further.

92-142015 is shaping up to be a great year and a massive milestone for the QR modeller, with not one but TWO RTR locomotives slated for release. My, how things have changed since I was a fourteen year old kid “trying” to model QR and hanging out at The Turntable trying to learn EVERYTHING about modelling.
So in my usual (and total lack of) style, I would like to express thanks to everyone for being involved with and supporting us throughout 2014.

xmas-santaOn behalf of Jade, Keith, Adelaide, Rob, Coral, Kieren, Anita, Livio and myself, we would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

We have an awful lot happening in 2015 that should ensure the Queensland modellers are kept happy and on their toes with some of the surprises we have planned. As ever though, we shall see how we go.

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