Chapter 90 – 30/09/2014

Here we go again with another long awaited rant from the world’s most inconsistent “blogger”.
Life at the Wuiske Asylum has been rather hectic, as most of you would have no doubt guessed by our lack of updates. The Asylum warden Jade (aka Attila the skirt) has been promising that if I behave myself she will tell me where she’s been hiding the antidote.

90-02As predicted, I have given up on ever finding out if this mythical antidote actually exists as good behaviour and me just don’t seem to work well together. That aside, we have been extremely busy with the usual round of shows as well as working on our upcoming products… But that’s for another chapter.

90-03Since my last escape attempt when I managed to get all the way to sunny downtown Rockhampton (under the clever pretext of attending a show), we have attended the Strathpine show put on by the Railway Modellers Club of Queensland. This show is always a great one.

90-04It is also one where we can get a chance to actually catch up with a few of you. All the while, it is being run by the inmates of the RMCQ asylum. As the RMCQ asylum is making a valiant effort in experimenting with having an open air asylum run by the inmates, they should be applauded for their efforts.

90-05As ever, their show was a joy to attend and we thank them very much as usual. Between Rob and myself, we even managed to upload a video to our youtube channel to show what it’s like setting up at these shows.

Unfortunately, Jade managed to add a couple bloopers onto the end.

Obviously these are like the globally ignored nude photos of Eleanor Roosevelt… and completely fictitious and cleverly cut together from dynamic cardboard cut outs that vaguely represent some ugly, long haired bloke from Planet Jandowae. In any case, I’m sure there will be a link floating around here somewhere.

90-06Whilst down for the RMCQ show, we finally managed to turn up at Wayne McDades house to view his layout. This is one layout that Wayne has been trying to get us to see for some time. As ever it is one layout that I am now kicking myself for taking so long to go and see.

90-07His layout, which is modelled on an area not too far removed from Planet Jandowae is, without doubt, one of the best QR layouts I have ever seen.  His attention to detail has to be seen to be appreciated. Once again, we did a video for our youtube channel about this layout. Much of the filming was, of course, done by Rob.

90-08It should be pointed out that Rob has as much technical abilities with a camera as an extremely unambitious mollusc. Even with such heady handicaps, Rob actually did a pretty good job of filming the layout and as a result we have decided to increase his daily allowance of bird seed.

90-09If you think Rob has done an expert job of filming and deserves an extra special serving of birdseed, you can write to us at “I’ve lost my glasses and think Rob deserves more birdseed”, Care of Wuiske Models, P.O. Box 131, Jandowae, QLD, 4410.
As above, I’m sure that Jade will post a link somewhere around this part of the page.

All jokes aside though, both Rob and I were both REALLY impressed with Wayne’s layout, the detail he has captured, without over crowding the scene and most importantly, capturing the feel of the Darling Downs in Queensland. Well done Wayne. If any of you are lucky enough to be invited to see his layout, take the opportunity and do so, you won’t regret it.

90-10After having returned from the Strathpine show, we resumed our normal routine of being as busy as a one legged man in a bum kicking contest for a few weeks and then made our way down for the Redlands Model Railway Show.

90-11This one is always an enjoyable show for us (wait, don’t I say that about all of them?) as it is run by a great group of men, women, badgers and lunatics (managed to catch 4 of them in this photo) and it is also right in the heart of my old stomping grounds. As such, it means I get to catch up with my family.

90-12The Redlands Show is also one of the few shows where Jade, Keith and Addy get to come along and play trains. As usual, it also fell on the occasion of my wedding anniversary, Jade’s too actually come to think of it.


Being a nice round number for our eleventh wedding anniversary, Cindy and the Redlands Model Railway Club guys presented us with a bunch of flowers and a card signed by all those who attended. Thanks guys, it really meant a lot to us.

90-14The Redlands Show was also the first time my brother Craig had come along and helped out with a show. As such, we have to thank Craig for his great help with set up, pack up and shutting Adam up.

After the show, we stayed down in Brisvegas for a week in order to catch up with family and then attend the NMRA convention on the Gold Coast. But that is a story for the next chapter. With any luck, the next chapter will be put up before the next Mayan calendar runs out. But I guess, with that, we shall see how we go.

Our Next Show will be at the
Workshops Rail Museum in Ipswich on the 18th and 19th of October 2014shows-2014imtsflyer

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