Chapter 89 – 24/06/2014

89-01After yet another lengthy delay and an almighty battle with Kieren to regain control of my little corner of rampant insanity, I am pleased to say that the things are getting back to normal (or as close as they ever will here) on Planet Jandowae.

89-02Recently, Wuiske Models made our annual pilgrimage to the Toowoomba Show. As usual it was an outstanding success and was organised to perfection by the Darling Downs Model Railway Club. One slight difference for us this year was the absence of the long haired moustachioed one.

89-03That’s right, I was yet again struck down with a mild case of the death defying, deadly, man flue of um death. And then it got worse when our loving son discovered that after visiting his kindy he had become what is known as a “plague carrier”.
As such, yours truly was forced to sit out a show for the first time in 12 years.

Jade, Rob and of course Addy more than capably filled my shoes (or so they tell me anyway as I wasn’t there to be sure of these spurious episodes of self congratulation). All three of them had an absolute ball as usual and would like to thank you all for your continued support.

89-05A few days after the Toowoomba show, I was feeling well enough to venture North with Rob and attend the first Rockhampton Model Railway Show. This one was being arranged by the Queensland Electrification Preservation Group and was held within the annual Rockhampton show. So whilst it was not our usual style of show, we had an absolute ball!

89-06First and foremost, I would like to thank Peter Draper and his daughter Rachel, Rod Burfoot and Garry Miller for their extremely friendly and relaxed approach to the show. It made a rather hectic event into a very comfortable and even (at times) relaxing event. So thanks guys, we had a great time.

89-07We would also like to thank Dallas and his wife Michelle for his extreme generosity in putting up with his two escapees, I mean visitors for the duration. Not to mention being on hand on the Sunday to point out some great spots for taking photos.

89-08Being the type of show it was, there were many unusual things to grab ones attention, not least of which was the outstanding ARGHHHH scale layout put on by the boys of the I Can’t Think Of A Better Name railway group for a delightfully quaint layout.

89-09We would also like to give a special hello to our little German mate Angelina, whom was charged with the task of playing Sheppard to a field of wild laughing clowns and soft furry animals for the duration of the show. As the photo attests, she had a great time and was overjoyed at the prospect of heading directly from the Rocky show up to the Mackay show.

89-10Between the boys from the club, Angelina and the great people at the Salvos (who supplied us with our brand of coffee all weekend), we had some fantastic conversations and a heap of laughs. Thank you to you all.
We should also note that the residents of the Planet Townsville had sent a representative, in the form of Andrew Matt down to see how things in the free world were working out.

Once the show was over, Dallas, Rob, I and a special ring in from that far flung Northern Planet of Townsville went out to photograph what we could whilst in the area. Being in the area of Rocky and Gladstone, we obviously found a great deal to interest us. Obviously, most of it centred around coal traffic though.
Once again, thank you to all those who helped to make it such a great time for Rob and I.

During my little forced break from the world of the disease free, I did manage to get a few modelling projects co mpleted. I, along with many others, bought a few packs of the Queensland Buffer Stops from Queensland Scale Models and decided to make a short “how to” video on building them.

As well as this, I did also trial my new Go-Pro imitation camera gadget on the layout to see how it worked. Both of these videos were uploaded to the Wuiske Models youtube page and can be viewed here.

89-11Oddly enough, I have actually been getting a reasonable amount of modelling work done on some buildings that have been occupying space on my work bench for more than a year over the last week or two. In the next chapter, I shall run through a few of the things I have been doing with these as well as dispelling these disgusting rumours about gravity and Queen Victoria…

Then again, we shall see how we go.

This is our third review in Continental Modeller. Click on the image below to read the whole review, and many thanks to Peco Publications for allowing us to share this with you here.

Our Next Show will be at the Gold Coast on the 12th and 13th of July 2014

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