Chapter 87 – 02/04/2014

87-01Well here we go again with the world according to the sanest resident of Planet Jandowae.
For this chapter I thought I would answer a few questions we have been getting lately about this elusive and strange beast known as Haskell Co. Over the last year or so, we have been getting asked at nearly every show “who’s Haskell?”

87-02Most people within the modelling industry are all too well aware of whom Kieren Haskell is, but the general opinion is that he is half Chinese, half Taiwanese and half Professional Racing Vulture. The reality though is that Kieren is actually just another mentally, um… ah… inventive (yeah that works) Aussie. Despite being brought up in such weird and foreign places as Sydney and Perth, he seems to have mastered the language rather well.

87-03Kieren approached us a few years back saying he wanted to do some work with us as he liked (and could relate to) our rather heavy levels of insanity. So we decided to have a crack at doing some RTR wagons, just to see what would happen. And, well, you can see what happened with that.

87-04Despite the majority of Australian modellers not having much idea about who Kieren is, on balance, he has actually produced more models than most companies in this country. Most of his products though have been in O scale and for those southern planets of New South That Place and Victorialand. He is also the largest producer of HO scale models for the Taiwanese model market.

87-05Aside from that, he is also the Bachmann agent for Taiwan and has done many things with Frateschi models. With all of that, I think it is fair to say that he knows his way around the hobby… Or at least he makes it look like he does.

87-06I get the impression that Kieren will try to hijack my little corner at some point soon. This of course will give him the opportunity to indulge in copious amounts of shameless self promotion. Obviously this will be a new thing for this corner as we would never normally allow that sort of thing on this corner. I mean when has anyone ever known the Wuiske’s to do such things for promoting themselves? Simply shameless really.

87-07At this point, I would also like to mention that it is around that time of year when my darling wife Jade celebrates her 32nd birthday, she keeps referring to it as her “21st and a bit birthday” but still. As a result of this, Jade decided we should run a REALLY big special to celebrate. From the 29th of March until the 6th of April, we are offering our biggest discount EVER.

87-0832% off ALL in stock loco and rollingstock kits. Apparently, there are a lot of you whom have been waiting for such a special as within 10 minutes of announcing it on the Wuiske Models Facebook page, the orders started flooding in. I can say that some of the locomotives and passenger coaches are running VERY low, so if you are after them at a discounted price, please get in quick.

87-09In any case, with the Jade’s Special running, Kieren threatening to hijack the next chapter, 100+ millimetres of rain hitting us the day after our gumbyment declares an increased drought affected area, I can’t wait to see what happens next. I guess we shall have to see how we go.

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