Chapter 86 – 28/03/2014

86-01Well this edition of the deluded world of Adam was supposed to be about the Bundaberg Show and the trip to it. As it turned out, we had a very interesting and adventurous trip indeed.

86-02So after leaving Planet Jandowae on Friday morning at 3:30am, I had an enjoyable drive over to Rob’s house in Nanango. Honestly, this is the perfect time of day to me for driving. The kangaroos were pretty thick along the road but surprisingly well behaved. Just before 5am, I arrived at Rob’s house for a coffee and a brief chinwag before we departed for our 270km drive up to Bundy.

86-03Unfortunately Ryco, the great god of automotive cooling, had other plans. As Rob and I left, we managed to travel about 150 meters before the temperature gauge went off the scale and started beeping at me. After practicing our swearing, rather a lot really, we discovered that the Ford transmission cooling system was obviously designed to work only when the engine is switched off.

86-04As it turned out, the problem was a fairly common one with modern Fords. The cooling box mounted on the side of the engine, had developed a crack (as things of alloy have a want to do) and allowed the transmission oil to mix with the coolant from the radiator. As a result, my coolant now looked like chocolate milk that was well past its prime. This of course (and rather unfortunately) meant that the transmission oil must have resembled something very similar.

86-05As a result, we were going nowhere fast. After being advised that the parts could not be sourced until Monday morning, we phoned Matt, Rob’s eldest son. Now I feel I should point out that I have known Matt since he was about 12, and a more genuine bloke you will never meet. A more honest mechanic you will similarly never meet either.

86-06After a bit of discussion, Matt rang us back to say that he had put off his customers for the day and would be at Rob’s house with the required parts by 11am.

Seriously, how good is that?

86-07True to his word, Matt arrived at 11am. He proceeded to fix the ailing Ford. By 11:30pm he had finished and the car was running with a repaired (and redesigned) cooling system and cleaned transmission. So it is fair to say that both I and Rob owe a massive thanks to his son Matt from Kissin Mechanical. Without Matt doing his usual best, we would not have made it to the first Bundaberg Show.

86-08As most of you know, over the last 12 years, Wuiske Models have never missed a show in Queensland. Thanks to Matt, we did not have to make this one our first.

86-09So with all things automotive out of the way, Rob and I left his house at Nanango just before 3am on Saturday. We had a fantastic trip and arrived in Bundaberg at around 6:30am. Set up was a bit interesting, but we managed to have everything ready JUST before the show opened at 9am.

86-10And what a show it was too. For a first show, the turnout was spectacular. Rob and I were busy all through the show with the only slower times coming on Sunday afternoon.

86-11As with most shows, Rob and I had a great time and would like to thank all those from the Bundy club. In particular we would like to thank Kerry, Wendy, Cory and Steph Buckholz as well as Graham Nicholson for their amazing support and assistance.

86-12The way the show was organised was a genuine tribute to the efforts of such a small club and they deserve all the above congratulations and much more. So in short, thanks and count us in for next year.

86-13The two stand out layouts at this show were Coorparoo by Phil Hadley and Glen Wright and the rarely seen Wallaville by Lincoln Driver and Carl Millington (sorry if I forgot anyone there).

86-14The layout Wallaville is an HOn2½ representation of the Queensland Sugar Cane scene. The details on this layout are simply spectacular. As is the rollingstock. Will let the photos do the talking for this though.

86-15I also managed to get a few photos of some of the usual attendees that we enjoy playing games with at these shows. With any luck they will all fit in this chapter, but I guess we shall see how we go.

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