Chapter 85 – 16/03/2014

I swear these updates are getting more and more stretched out. As a result I have decided to take a different approach.

85-01That’s right instead of saying how sorry I am for being slack and about how I was unable to complete chapters due to suffering from a sprained eyelash (the pain is healing more each day, which they tell me is good, I must stay strong though…) or some similarly nonsensical thing, I have decided to go COMPLETELY nonsensical and ignore reality.

85-02That being said here comes chapter 85.7. For those of you who have missed chapters 85.1 through to 85.6, please update your browser then turn around 3.6 times in a clockwise direction and that should have either made it so you can view these mythical subchapters or else made you dizzy enough to not remember what you were looking for in the first place.

85-03All of my usual levels of insanity aside though, Jade and I have been busier than a one legged man in a bum kicking contest over the past few months with our usual secret planning and worky type stuff.
All I can say about that though is, “trust me, it will be worth it”.

85-04Whilst we have been constantly working with our noses to the grindstone, both Jade and I have managed to take some time to sit up, step back, say “ouch”, sneeze and then disappear for a couple of days to Rob and Coral’s house to shoot the breeze and discuss everything and nothing that is important on Planet That Place.

85-05A place where the kids can fall down the stairs quicker and with less tears than they can at home. A place where we can hitch up a trolley to the back of the ride on and take the kids for a ride.
With all of this we should say a heartfelt “well done” to Coral (Rob’s extremely long suffering better half) for making such an amazing and continual recovery from her leg operation.

85-06Meanwhile, back on Planet Jandowae, I have managed to actually get some modelling done over the last week or so. Only in a small way mind you but it’s been enough to rekindle my interest in non work related model making. I have finally gotten around to finishing the weathering on my third OLO tank wagon. All that is left now is to seal the powders in with a coat of Testor’s Dullcote.

85-07For those of you that have been asking, the graffiti was made by using very sharp colouring pencils. I essensially copied the “design” (sorry I just have difficulty bringing myself to say that when talking about graffiti) from one of the OLO wagons on our website. Aside from that, I have done very little with my own models over the past few months due to our continual work on our next few announcements.

85-08The one shining ray of newsworthy news for the news section , etc, etc, etc is that Jade has puffed herself up to look big, nasty and tough enough to scare Kieren into getting our next backdrop ready. The Marnhull backdrop will hopefully be here in time for the first Bundaberg Show on the 22nd and 23rd of March.

85-09This show promises to be an interesting one as it will be the first show to take place north of the greater Brisbane area since ancient roman times. Or am I just getting older and it feels like it?

As always, we hope to see you there to catch up and have a chinwag. Rob and I are greatly looking forward to it.

85-10Just a reminder to all those out there that Wuiske Models is open from 9am to 5pm… okay AND 5pm to 9am Monday to Friday. Oh and the same for Saturday and Sunday and things too. We would like to ask that if you phone us at 2am, make it entertaining or at least because a model has caught fire or something. Though if it’s on fire, you most likely should be phoning the fire brigade first.

All that aside, Jade will no doubt be on to me to update my little rants a bit more often. But, as always, We shall see how we go.



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