Chapter 84 – 21/12/2013

84-01Well it is very nearly that time of year when the women and children folk start going giddy with excitement with the prospect of what wondrous things the fat bearded one with the red pajama fixation has delivered to them whilst leaving an unhealthy dent in your hip pocket.

84-02It is also that time of year when the men folk of the world unite together and with a proud voice of defiance scream forth their infamous battle cry of “yes dear!”

84-03It is also the time of year when the men folk of the world decide that maybe next year they should look at again pleading with the fat pajama clad diabetic, reindeer herding one to fit his charges with some form of advanced reindeer droppings collection device.

84-04So with the world market for roof mounted reindeer pooper scoopers about to be satisfied, it also means it is nearing the time that I put fists to keyboard to bash out my annual Christmas rant.

84-05This year at the Wuiske Asylum, the happy inmates have avoided the usual forms of punishment and torture, such as the placing of Christmas lights and the erecting of a Neolithic tree type edifice hand crafted in green and brown plastic by the good people of That Place Province in beautiful downtown China, as we shall be admiring the results of the slave labor techniques used at my brother’s house. That’s right the Wuiske’s are on the move!.


As you may have managed to glean in amongst the somewhat wordy version above, we are heading down to my brother’s house to see what wonderful trinkets the kids can destroy.

84-07As usual, we have been working 24/7 over the last few months with some exciting news to be made news worthy and presented to the news readers to see if they think it is news worthy news in time for the news next year at some point. I did well to include the word “news” five times in one sentence didn’t I?

84-08Anyway, as some of you will know, we were asked in November to do a special job for Bradken. This job entailed preparing and painting some 1:10 scale models that they had had rapid prototyped. All of which had to be done by the 25th of November, in time for Ausrail 2013.

84-09Amongst the models were an ore car for the Pilbara, half of a coal hopper for NSW and a grain hopper for WA. These models were prepped and painted in a far quicker time than we thought possible. But we got there and Bradken was happy with the results. There was also a 1:5 scale bogie, with working springs, moving bolster and axle boxes which was actually my favorite model out of the bunch.

84-10As we made progress on the models, photos were uploaded to our face plant page and we had the usual questions of “is this 7¼” gauge?” and “where can I get one of these?”
It was with reluctance that I had to inform people that rapid prototypes of this size and nature take (on average) two solid weeks (that’s 24/7) to build in the machine. They also cost upwards of $20,000 each! Around this time, the questions about where can people get these stopped for some reason.

84-11Aside from that, the Wuiske Asylum has been pretty quiet of late as we have been studiously working away on our next projects. The one piece of great news we have is that Coral Kissin (Rob’s wife) has had her hip surgery and is making a full recovery. As a result, Rob and Coral are overjoyed at being able to have life return to some sense of normality… Until we turn up that is.

84-12At this time of year, I always like to look back on what we have done over the last 12 months. Whilst It was a pretty quiet year for us releasing kits, it has been a fantastic year for us after releasing our 3rd and 4th RTR wagons. Not to mention the release of our standard gauge bogies and axles after having been asked to do so for so many years (I said we’d do it eventually, sorry it took so long though).

84-13I am happy to say that with the success of our current four RTR wagons, the members of the Haskell Asylum and the Wuiske Asylum have lots more planned and in the works.
Being that the end of the year is fast approaching, I would like to take this opportunity (as I do each year) to thank you all for your continued support, comments, guidance and assistance.

84-14On behalf of Anita and Kieren Haskell, Keith, Addy, Jade, Rob, Coral and myself we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year. Hopefully the Northern Reindeer Herder is kind to you and we expect to be receiving an influx of orders with the number of gift vouchers that went out this year.

84-15As always, we have an even bigger year planned for 2014 with lots of new surprises to be announced. Some of which have been on the “to do list” for a very long time. With any luck some news of these things should not be too far away, but as ever,
we shall see how we go.

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