Chapter 83 – 21/10/2013

83-01So it must be getting close to Christmas again or at least it seems like it has been that long since I put fists to keyboards and bashed out another chapter of the world according to Planet Jandowae.

83-02After much time, effort and work, I am proud to say I have achieved almost nothing on the layout. Well, that’s not completely true as I have started on the final peninsula for the second branch line. This is also the section that ensures people actually have to get off their backsides and follow their trains as they make their way around the room.


An unintended yet still welcome side effect of this latest addition is that we now have a purpose built hiding place for when General Jade aka Attila the skirt, is on one of her weekly rampages. So impressed with this new addition are we that we are thinking of getting some custom made t-shirts produced.

83-04I was thinking of a catchy slogan like “I survived General Jade’s 13th rampage in June” or some similar words that can easily be set to the tune of Waltzing Matilda (any one who actually can create such a ditty deserves a prize by the way).

83-05All of that aside, we have been doing our usual head down, bum up, waiting for a breeze bit and this should hopefully go at least part way to explaining my apparent slackness in additions to this little corner of the interweb.

83-06As most of you will know by now, we have released our first two backdrops in association with Kieren Haskell of Haskell Co. Yet again Kieren has lost the battle for common sense with us and as such we can proudly say that our backdrops are 100% DCC ready! Jokes aside (just for a minute I promise), these are a fantastic addition to any Aussie layout.

83-07They are self adhesive and are essentially a giant sticker. They come in three different sizes, small, medium and large (funnily enough) the small backdrops are 2 meters long and 150mm high, the mediums are 4 meters long and 300mm high and the large backdrops are a whopping 6 meters long and 450mm high.

83-08Obviously the backdrops contain genuine images of Queensland skies. As a result of this, we anticipate a rush from the jealous residents of those southern planets whom are used to dull, dreary and drab skies (told you it would only be for a minute).

83-09In addition to this, we are proud to announce yet another addition to our Lander car fleet. The MAL, First Class Sitting car. This coach represents the first in our line of sitters and will shortly be complimented by the MBL and MBLD coaches.

83-10As it is the second half of October that means there is two rather important events about to take place. One which brings the world of modelers much joy, mirth and cause to celebrate…

That’s right, the Ipswich show is on this weekend (26th & 27th October).

As we have done since the very beginning of this exhibition, Wuiske Models will be there again with our usual line up of surprises and specials.

83-11This year, as something completely different, we have been given a stock of products from two manufacturers whom we have worked closely with for some time.
Firstly, we will have the FULL range of products from SDS models available at the show.

83-12We will also have the brand new U-Boats from Berg’s Models on display and on sale. This will actually be the first time they have been shown outside of the Liverpool show or Bergie’s shop in Parramatta. As always we look forward to seeing all of you there.

83-13As mentioned, that is the happy news… But, alas, as we all know, there cannot be happiness without much sadness to make it seem all the more special. That’s right it is that time of year when the pussy cats stop milking, the dog’s stop mooing and rampant animal naming dyslexia strikes with vengeance.

83-14So let the moon turn black and the sun hide itself with fear for it is again time for my birthday. It is with great sadness that we wish a fond farewell to the 34th year of my life.

83-15It is with even more sadness that we greet the “you’re middle aged boy” comments already coming from Rob’s facial noisemaking device. Apparently within the next day or so I will be officially middle aged… We shall see how that pans out though.

83-16One last little note as I think of it, Jade, the kids and I finally managed to get a break and head down to Toowoomba for the carnival of flowers. Well that’s what they called it, we just went down to ride behind 1620 down the range. This was actually the first time I had ever travelled on any section of the Main Range and we all had a ball. Keith especially!

83-17Both Keith and Addy decided they loved the tunnels so much and the darkness was only made bad by the screaming of the children within our carriage. After the third tunnel Keith proudly announced (in his best and most informative voice) that “tunnels have dark in them” as if to try and explain to the other children tat their screams were not required.

83-18By the end of it we would emerge from a tunnel too see both Keith and Addy starring blankly with a look of mild disgust at the screaming children. By the last tunnel, Keith was asking them to “be quiet please.”

83-19In short, we (and most of the rest of the passengers In our carriage were laughing our guts out as our kids did their best “stern school master” impressions. At the end of the day, we all had a fantastic time!

Whilst we are down for the Ipswich show, we may even manage to snaffle an extra day to go for another train ride.

Though as always we shall see how we go.

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