Chapter 82 – 14/08/2013

82-01Well then, here we go yet again for the ramblings of that long haired git from Planet Jandowae.

As you may all have noticed, I did in fact get over my Dreaded Man Flue of Death Dealingness Thingy…. Or as we are now calling it, “the sniffles.”

82-02Jade on the other hand was however hospitalized with severe tonsillitis and the vets removed her voice box just to be on the safe side… Of course I then woke up to find her loving hands clenched tightly around my throat in her playful little way. Anyway, where was I? I think I sidetracked myself to a nice place there for a minute.

82-03Anyway, Since the plague carriers of the Wuiske Asylum have left the building and the bell ringers have been placed onto the unemployment line we have managed to get a lot of new and exciting things done around the place. Well this, of course, all depends on your definition of excitement too, I suppose.

82-04But I can assure you that it will all be found exciting when comparing it to the behavior of a team of unambitious mollusks taking part in their annual remaining stationary marathon.

During my latest break from putting fists to keyboard here, I have also attended a couple of shows.

82-05Firstly, Rob and I made our usual appearance at the Gold Coast Model Railway Show. As ever, we had a great time. This show is starting to become larger and larger. More importantly, JUST for my benefit, Phil Mooney and Co placed the PA system directly across from the Wuiske Models stand. In other words, I didn’t have to walk far in order to upset people with the microphone.

82-06I decided to give Big Al Cutmore from ARKits a break from being on the receiving end of my jokes this year… OK, so last year he was found several weeks later curled up in the fetal position under his counter. And OK, so maybe he was clasping an OCY container wagon and muttering “there’s no railway like NSWGR” over and over whilst rocking. And yeah, OK, so we were forwarding his mail to the local happy home for a few weeks and he now has developed an unhealthy fixation for padded walls. BUT, I had fun!

82-07This year’s victim was Pete Boorman from Peter Boorman’s Workshop. Obviously, there were a couple of Gold Coast Club members that we may have made merry with as well, but we restricted this number to no more than a dozen.

In any case, that was the Gold Coast Show.

82-08We have (within the last 48 hours) returned from the Pine Rivers Show. This is another show we really enjoy. The primary reason for this is that it is a small show that feels like a large show. And if any of you can make sense of that then I have some pretty magic beans I would like to sell to you. Beans aside, Rob and I had a fantastic time, then again, don’t we always?

We would like to thank all the members from the RMCQ for putting on another successful show and making us feel as welcome as ever, we had a great time.

So, with all that serious stuff out of the way, (yes that was the serious bit, scary, hey?) onto the layout. A bit has been accomplished, as some of you who follow us on our Faceplant page thingy will know…

I am sure Jade will put a link thing here some where…

There, see? Told ya.

82-09Anyway, on there I mentioned a few weeks ago, that I have finally installed the last point motors on the layout. These are the motors for the points in Daley Yard. With the shiny new fascia in place, I could not wait to start drilling holes in it. And even filling some of said holes with switches. All that remains now is to repeat this with a new panel in the Dispatchers area.

82-10One of my latest little methods of sidetracking myself has been by installing some fancy streetlights in the Sumiton area. Thus far I have only installed them on one street, but I love the effect. Only another 60 or so to go and that should cover us for street lights I think.

82-11As well as installing my maniacal, mystical and mythically magical illuminations, I have also been playing around with some indicator lights for the signal aspects on the Dispatchers panel. These are actually very simple.

82-12They are simply some bi-colour LEDs that I purchased from EmpathyBay mixed in with some 3mm LED holders from the same place. These are just wired to the back of the switch for the signals and display the aspect being displayed by the signals on the layout as they are not visible from the Dispatchers desk.

82-13On another note, we have recently released the fifth model in our series of Lander Coaches. The MCSL, this is a composite sleeper with lounge section. Only one coach was ever built to this design and it seems to be used almost exclusively on the Queenslander service.

82-14We will also be releasing the first of our Buffet Cars shortly. The first one to be released will be the MALF, these are used on most trains. In particular the Westlander as they are the closest thing to a dining car used on this service these days.

82-15As a result of our recent additions to the Lander Car series, I have been motivated to finally complete some of these coaches for myself. The first one to be completed thus far has been a DMP. Whilst not exactly correct for a modern Westlander, I like them.

82-16I added complete brake rigging from the parts bins we take along to the shows. As well as a Nissan Skyline from Tomytec.

I shall try to get a bit more done soon to update my Westlander.

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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