Chapter 81 – 22/06/2013

81-01Well here we go again for another set of ramblings from the residents of the first open air asylum to be run by the inmates. That’s right, the Wuiskes have been let loose in front of a computer again.

81-02At our recent outing at the Toowoomba Show, Rob and I had a wonderful time as usual. This is one of our favorite shows of the year due to the relaxed atmosphere, friendly club members and exhibitors and the usual smatterings of hypothermia.

81-03As is becoming a tradition, Rob and I used this year’s Toowoomba show as a great venue for playing some more practical jokes. Unfortunately Al Cutmore from AR Kits didn’t bite when I placed a “Wuiske Models This Way” sign on his stand.
Since this first jaunt did not produce the desired result, I proceeded to put another sign on the back of his car.

81-04In response to this latest endeavour, Al took the sign of his car, placed it next to its previously lonesome sibling on his stand, then ensured that some of those fancy NSW products covered both of them in their entirety, and all in a rather eerily quiet manner.
Stirring aside, we had a fantastic show (as ever with Toowoomba).

81-05Our team managed to come in a tie for first place in the quiz on Saturday night. There was a rumor going around that it would not have been a tie if some long haired loony from a certain Queensland based manufacturing company hadn’t of gotten a question about the Wuiske Models QLX wagons wrong.

81-06But we shall never know. My blaming my lapse on the recent drop in value of the world wide linoleum market seemed to convince everyone that it was understandable that I should be distracted by such obscure questions as those about my own products. Okay, so maybe that is not entirely true but then again, I am the one writing this.

81-07As a result, all members of our team were incredibly impressed by my deliberate ploy to ensure we would not come first outright so as to give others a chance to shine in the light of our obviously overwhelming general knowledge of all things related to the world of railway trivia. At no point were the words “how do you manage to get out of bed in the mornings without sustaining injury” uttered by any of our valiant team members either.

81-08As always, Rob and I would like to thank you all for your continued support at the Toowoomba Show. We would also like to thank Ted, Russell, Brent and all the other members of the DDMRC for putting on another wonderful show. We will see you all there next year as usual.

81-09As is becoming a tradition with the Toowoomba Show, I have contracted the plague… Or man flu or some such similar ailment that is impairing my ability to recall the events of a certain quiz night. In my new found role as diseased carrier, I have managed to pass the dreaded man flu onto Jade, Keith and Addy.

81-10Obviously my levels of popularity have increased immensely at home. Jade is doing her usual routine of playing family games. Such as the ever popular, “let’s see if Daddy can find the antidote”.

81-11For some strange reason my latest entanglements with the dreaded Bubonic Man Flu Of Death, has actually given me a strange desire to get in and actually achieve things on the layout.

81-12Over the last two weeks, I have managed, with the assistance of the lovely, understanding, caring and not in the slightest miffed due to being given the plague, Jade to install another twenty four feet of fascia on the layout.

81-13I have also, finally, installed the point motors and switches for the station and sidings at Alton. This one job have been one that I have been putting off for over a year now. I am very glad to have had an attack of inspiration which was thanks, mostly to our visitation from Dallas Trembath.

81-14With all this new found vigor towards the layout, I have been studiously achieving things. Between our visits from John Fenton (immediately after returning from the Toowoomba show) and Dallas two days later, I have been getting into the layout and enjoying myself immensely.

81-15With the new control points fixed into the fascia and all holes drilled for the switches (once they arrive), Daley yard is starting to take shape. Once the fascia has been completed and all wiring and signals fitted, the scenery will start to go in.

81-16We will be using another Haskell Backdrop (of course) along the back of the Daley area to give the area some depth and to add a further level of realism.

81-17I have also been doing some more work on my Queensland Scale Models Station kit… But more about that next time, Bubonic Man Flu Of Death permitting. Also assuming Jade hasn’t been successful in killing me for giving her the aforementioned deadly disease or um, well death.
We shall see how we go.

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