Chapter 78 – 20/03/2013

78-01Well in the last chapter I may have eluded to the fact that I might be giving a little hint about our next bit of big news.

The dozen or so phone calls and emails from people trying to sweet talk me to find out may have swayed my opinion…. Well a little anyway.

So here goes…. As a little hint, our next RTR product to be produced in partnership with Haskell Co begins with a “K”.

OK, so with the hint out of the way… Here is a slightly larger “hint”…
Wuiske Models again in partnership with Haskell Co are proud to release our third mass produced RTR wagon for the Queensland market.

78-02The KOJX cattle wagon! To the best of or knowledge, this is the first time EVER that someone has released 3 RTR wagons within six months of releasing their first! This should explain (at least in part) why we have been sounding so busy when people have phoned us or visited.
The KOJX wagons were first introduced in 1997 with a second batch being brought into service in 1999.

78-03We have accurately reproduced theses first two batches. The third and fourth batch of KOJX wagons could be distinguished by having a longer and thinner placard board on the under frame of the wagon. The first two batches had the same, smaller placard boards as the QSC wagons.

78-04We are somewhat proud of this new wagon as it is loaded with detail. We have tried to include ALL lettering and correct stenciling. These wagons are available in four sets. Sets one, two and three come with complete wagon lettering including running numbers and QRK (that’s the code for the cattle crate) numbers.

78-05The fourth set of three wagons is sold without running numbers or QRK numbers. This set includes decals for 10 additional wagons to ensure you can run your KOJX wagons in a long unit consist, just like the prototype.

As we did with our QLX and QSC wagons, the KOJX will be sold in packs of three for the same price of $175.00.

As well as a wealth of TINY printing, these wagons also come with:

  • Accurate coupler height.
  • Complete “danger overhead live wires” logos as per the prototype.
  • Adjustable coupler height to ensure they are compatible with all other brands.
  • Fine Scale RP25/88 blackened wheels.
  • Genuine Kadee #58 couplers.
  • Extremely fine door detail.
  • Fine brake detail.
  • Modern QR reflective logos as per the prototype.
  • Separately applied air hoses.
  • Designed to run on a minimum 18 inch radius curve.

78-06As with our other two RTR wagons, these KOJX wagons will be available in limited numbers in HO standard gauge.
In the same way that I did with the release of the QLX and QSC wagons, I would like to thank Kieren Haskell of Haskell Co for his tireless effort in ensuring we could release three wagons within six months of releasing the first Ready to Run products.

78-07I would also like to thank him for putting up with my random rants… Even the ones about Scientists and things.

Lastly, we would like to thank all of the QR modelers who have made the QLX and QSC wagons such a huge success.

78-08In any case, I am going to quit dribbling with my usual rant and let the photos do the talking for the KOJX wagons.

With any luck, there will be many, many more items being released along similar lines to these wagons.

Then again, we shall see how we go.


SET 1 RUNNING NUMBERS 35302 – 37880 – 38476
RTR016 – HOn3½ (12mm) GAUGE …………… RTR016HO – HO (16.5mm)GAUGE

SET 2 RUNNING NUMBERS 38013 – 38497 – 38543
RTR017 – HOn3½ (12mm) GAUGE …………… RTR017HO – HO (16.5mm)GAUGE

SET 3 RUNNING NUMBERS 34853 – 38461 – 39469
RTR018 – HOn3½ (12mm) GAUGE …………… RTR018HO – HO (16.5mm)GAUGE

RTR019 – HOn3½ (12mm) GAUGE …………… RTR019HO – HO (16.5mm)GAUGE

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