Chapter 77 – 17/03/2013

Well it appears that despite the best intentions, the length of time between these chapters has been stretching further and further apart.
77-01In my own defense (he said whilst Jade searched for a blunt object), we have been somewhat busy over the last few months with a small truck load of new things being planned. During my brief moments of peace and tranquility (ie, when Jade was unable to find the afore mentioned blunt objects), I have managed to get a few more things done on the layout.

77-02After a break of about twelve months, I finally have some signals working again. When I removed the Holman section of the layout, I disconnected all of the points and signal wires. I eventually reconnected most of these… well all in fact except for the signals.

77-03When I did try and reconnect the signals, I discovered that they did not work. So after spending several hours searching in vain for the broken connection, I bravely gave up and retreated to the safety of running trains and swearing. That was twelve months ago. Last week, I finally decided to reconnect the wires and find the problem.

77-04After about three hours I discovered that all wires were in fact connected as they should have been. Well all except for the two main bus wires which had been disconnected from the terminal strip. So with a total of about seven seconds of work, I had three signals now shining brightly at the Eastern end of Summiton.

77-05After having demonstrated just how much of an electrical genius I was, I decided to install a few more signals at the other end of Summiton yard. Two signals were installed at the end of the platform and one on the next road over.

77-06With the installation of two more signals this end will be completed… That is unless I can invent a similarly complex issue as the previous one to ensure a further twelve month break from wiring.

77-07With the arrival of a large package from Joe at Casula Hobbies, I have managed to put some of my new toys to good use. Armed with a few more kilos of ballast, I began ballasting Daley yard. As I may have mentioned in previous posts, I would usually be more fond of entering myself in the “Being Eaten By a Crocodile” competition.

77-08This time however, I managed to get about sixty feet of track ballasted fairly quickly. The next step is to fill in the sections in between the tracks with some dirt and eventually weeds and grass.

77-09On a different note and to demonstrate that on occasions, we actually do listen to the things you ask for, Wuiske Models is proud to announce the release of our brand new VJM coal hopper kit in HOn3½ AND Sn3½ scales. The HOn3½ version will be available in the same manner as our usual four wheel hoppers and will compliment our popular V wagons very nicely.

77-10The Sn3½ version is being sold in 5 packs due to issues with packaging and being religiously opposed to investing a few thousand dollars in a shiny new blister pack that will fit these wagons. Obviously both kits, feature a one piece body. The Sn3½ version will only be produced in limited quantities and from what we have heard will not be around for too long.

77-11As always, I can let you know that we have some other new products on the horizon and with any luck, we may be able to give you a small hint about this in the next Adam’s Corner. Having said that, with my usual punctuality, that could be anywhere up to fifty years away… Then again it could be a few days away as well.

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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