Chapter 76 – 30/01/2013

So with a massive break from tradition for me, I am bringing the Christmas / New Year’s / January and Wednesday morning Adam’s Corner to you in one hit.

76-01As we enter into our eleventh year of running this silly adventure called Wuiske Models, Jade and I have been somewhat reflective over the last few months.
The last few years have seen some truly massive changes with our business, after releasing the A10 kit in 2011 and the first two RTR mass produced QLD models in 2012, 2013 is shaping up to be one VERY eventful year for us, and for Queensland Modelling in general.

76-02We will, over the next coming months, have some really exciting announcements to make. There will be a few new kits coming out that you, the modellers, have been demanding for years as well.

76-03Now onto the Wuiske Christmas nuthouse, as with last year, we were joined by Rob and Coral for a nice quiet Christmas Day.

76-04Keith and Addy unwrapped their presents in shifts and Addy decided that she received loads of wonderfully decorated paper. She was less keen on the items contained within her lovely paper, but that was to be expected.

76-05My mother managed to come out for a few days after Christmas to ensure our house was prevented from becoming dangerously sane.
And boy, did she do a great job!

All in all, we had a rather quiet, but quite perfect Christmas and New Year’s.

76-06The lead up to successive Christmas periods over the last few years has been getting more and more hectic as we progress. This year, however, Jade and I managed to spend anywhere up to 15 hours per day on the phone to ensure that the fat bloke with the red pyjama and reindeer fixation had all his models to deliver on time.

76-07Even Jade’s Christmas Lights were a subdued affair this year due to time constraints…

Honestly, I wasn’t laughing or dancing with joy at that thought.

76-08So aside from spending enough time on the phone to make us both start contemplating the possibility of having a receiver surgically implanted into our shoulders, Jade and I have been having a bit of a hibernation period.

76-09Throughout this time, I have actually managed to get a bit of work done on the layout. Teddles decided to play a little joke on me, when I asked him to make some number plate decals for me, by supplying me with decals for rego labels as well.

76-10Despite my initial misgivings, these proved rather easy to apply, and they do actually look really good and did not strain my already stretched sanity levels too much. So with a bit of work, the main street of Summiton is starting to take shape and come to life.

76-11With any luck we shall be releasing our first new kit for rather a few months very soon. Aside from that, we shall see what 2013 holds for us, but it is going to be loads of fun.

76-12On behalf of Kieren and Anita Haskell, Rob and Coral Kissin as well as Jade, Keith, Addy and myself, we would like to thank you all for you continued support over the last year and look forward to the following year. Hopefully you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

All of our thoughts are also with the families affected by the current floods.
With any luck I shall be updating this little rant a bit more frequently…
Then again, we shall see how we go.

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