Chapter 120 – 06/02/2019

Well here we go again with another chapter of rampant insanity from Planet Jandowae.

Except that this time, it’s not so insane. This chapter we’re focusing on a brand new product as well as a bit of a milestone for both Wuiske Models and the Queensland modelling scene in general.

Wuiske Models is proud to announce the release of the FIRST EVER mass produced,  high pressure injection molded kit for the Queensland market (even if we do speak from a one eyed perspective)… The HJS open wagon.

Bridget and I have been quietly working away on this for some time and are extremely proud of the results.

We’ve managed to incorporate all the fine details of the pressed side doors for these wagons.

One feature we’re particularly happy with is the interior detail.

The brake rigging has been designed to go together with as few pieces as possible.

The end detail captures the look of the wagon nicely. Please note the lashing loops!


So far as assembling this kit, the theory was to make it as simple as possible. As a result, ALL components have small mounting tabs and slots.

The first 600 HJS wagons were first imported from Metropolitan Cammell Carriage & Wagon Co in Birmingham in 1950. The next two batches of HJS wagons (totaling 400 wagons) were built by Evans Deakin & Co in 1952.

The first 600 units from England were fitted with 5 Foot Archbar bogies where as the remaining 400 Australian built units were fitted with QR4 bogies and fitted with roller bearings. The kit we’ve produced here is of the Australian built wagons.

There is every possibility that we will produce the Birmingham built wagons in the future, along with many other things we’ve always wanted. Then again, I have A LOT of HJS wagons that need weathering for the Wuiske layout don’t I? But, as ever, we shall see how we go.

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