Chapter 116 – 04/10/2018

Well things have been a bit hectic here on Planet Jandowae over the last few months. Bridget and I have been head down, bum up working quietly on our next items (usually this translates to Bridget doing things and me saying “are we there yet?”).

As a result, we now have 6 new products available to assist with all of our modelling,

Firstly, we have released some Modern Freight Buffers as well as some Early Freight Buffers. These are something we have been quietly working away on for some time. Not because they are a particularly difficult item to produce but because they are a difficult item to get right by compromising between dimensional accuracy, and an item that will work on everyone’s layout without needing to put a few scale miles between your wagons to make them couple.

The end result is an accurate model of the QR buffers but with the buffer stem slightly compressed (as they ran on the prototype) to ensure you don’t get buffer lock. These modern buffers are ideal for our QLX and QSC RTR wagons as a replacement for the supplied ones which require LARGE curves. As well as the CGL Models HWO open wagons which do not include the buffers. The earlier liveried VAK coal hoppers from SRM can also accept these without issue for those modelling the 1970’s. Aside from that, these buffers will suit ALL QR timber or steel wagons from the 1890’s through until the 1980’s.

The next item is our fine Air Hoses. These we have made as Left and Right handed hoses to ensure ALL freight wagons post 1920 can have these little gems added.

Whilst we’re at it, we have released a Combination Brake Cylinder set (the first of a few actually), These are the standard brake equipment for most 32 foot timber AND steel underframe wagons from 1947 onward. Wagons such as the H, HJ, HH, HS, K, KA, KSA, KB, KKB, HJS, PC, PTM, P–you get the idea, there are many, many more. These sets have been made to incorporate all the fine details that usually send one into a minor psychotic episode to make into one piece to bring our models to life without anyone needing their head plugged into the national grid or having to lay upon a tasteful leather couch and explain to a complete stranger how ALL their modelling woes can be traced back to our mothers not buying us 746 puppies for Christmas when we were 10.

Next, we have released the Drop Door Stops, these tiny, little gems have been produced after many years of screaming at styrene or brass strip that just wouldn’t sit where I wanted it. These door stops were used on ALL QR open wagons with drop down doors (such as the U, UR, H, HJ, HH, HJS, HS, HWA, HSA, F, FG, FGM, T, G (pre 1913), PH, DF, etc, etc… the list goes on and on and on etc. As well as the vast majority of cattle wagons like the IC, J (pre 1913), K, KA, KSA, KWA, KL, KLEX, Y, YK and again, the list continues.

Lastly, we have released the Wagon Weights. These small, metal weights have been made right here in Queensland and are designed to suit pretty much all wagons. They are 16 grams in weight and measure 20mm x 66mm, so you know they will fit in most vehicles.

On a sadder note, it is unfortunate that we have to announce that head of Buried sanity and long time Wuiske Models mascot Connie Dogs has passed away at age 13.

For those that knew Connie Dogs, they will know just how great a dog she truly was. A better mate a bloke could never ask for. Her company will be greatly missed by Bridget, myself and the kids. With her passing, the Wuiske Asylum has become a quieter and emptier place.

Her absence has been noted by her life long mortal enemy Cephor whom in the time I’ve been writing this has been keeping an eye over the spot in which Connie left us. No longer will she need to cast a loving spoonful on enmity at her mild mannered foe by swiping at her as she passed on the stairs, no longer will she be able to curl up on mine or Bridget’s laps to look down upon her obviously inferior house mate and purr with the sense of entitlement that can only come from looking down upon ones canine enemies. No longer shall she puff out her chest after having successfully eaten from Connie’s food bowl without receiving a nip on her ear, similarly, no longer will she have to watch over her shoulder whilst trying to steal Connies food whilst she wasn’t looking.

In her place we shall need to train the kids to start catching snakes an chasing motorcycles. Regrettably, we shall see how we go.

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