Chapter 112 – 03/02/2018


A lot of you have been commenting on the weathering of my personal models after the last few chapters.


After much thought, I decided to have a think, the result of my thinking of having a thought was that, as a thought, maybe, I think, I should put up some photos of my complete (thus far) locomotive fleet that resides on my layout.



Not a bad thought? I think I thought so too.



The first of the 1550 class that I added to my personal collection was 1558D.


I discovered that the 1550s never really got that weathered as Driver Only units due to being repainted not that long after the conversion.


This unit was given a light misting of grey (the light grey we used to paint the old freight wagon kits actually). This just dulled the blue and reduced the starkness of the overall colours and gave it a slightly bleached look.



1558D and 1570D were both weathered using this method and then had powders added.



Overall, these are not my favourite weathering jobs and my later ones are (in my opinion) far better.



I have all three of the corporate liveried 1550 class on the layout and the first one I weathered was 1572H.



1572H ended up being weathered more than I had initially intended.



I wanted to see how much weathering was needed to avoid the light shining through the cab roof, one of the problems with yellow locomotives.



The end result, I am actually pretty happy with.



The next locomotive I tackled was 2401D, the Bicentennial unit.


This one was a model I was genuinely worried I would not be happy with. The prototype never really got that dirty. The bogies and fuel tank got rather grotty but the body was kept fairly clean.


The next locomotive I will show in this chapter is 2414. This model was (again) dulled with a light mist of light grey, then dull coated.


From there, I painted the yellow air conditioner and began to dry brush the body with an eggshell white (really cheap artist paints were used for this).


I added a rust colour over the top of the white sections, to simulate rust. I also started applying powders at this point. Once I was happy with each layer, I dull coated the model to seal everything in.


As the 2400 class stayed in coal traffic longer than the 1550 class, they seemed to get a lot more fading of both the blue and the white sections as well as a darker colouring around the bogies and fuel tank.


1574H is the last locomotive I will show in this chapter. This unit was one I simply had to do as it spent much of it’s life in corporate livery with a blue air conditioner. So just as something different, I painted this and added a driver.


As you can see, the weathering is very mild. Again, it was dulled with the light grey and some VERY light applications of powders were made.


In the next chapter I will show the remaining locomotives in my fleet and may start showing some of the rollingstock I have running around the Wuiske Layout. As always though, we shall see how we go.


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