Chapter 105 – 10/05/2016

105-14So here we go for the 105th chapter of the world according to me… This could only go well.
Having just returned from the Brisbane Miniature Train Show a few hours ago, I’ve been greeted by a mountain of messages and emails regarding our most recently non announced announcement… The 1720 class.

105-07That’s right, for the last little while (well year actually) Kieren, myself and Jade have been quietly working away on releasing a model of the 1720. Whilst Kieren may have accidently (or not so accidently, he’s funny like that) let a couple photos slip onto faceplant prior to the show, we were proud to unveil one of the samples for the actual model at the show.

105-02Firstly, let me take the time to thank the entire team at AMRA Queensland for yet again putting on a brilliant show! Jade, Craig and I had a ball. Then again we always do. Thanks also to all of you for the continued support you’ve show us yet again.

105-12So, yes, it is true, a 1720 class has been kind of announced properly now and we are once again working in partnership with Haskell Co to deliver what will be our third RTR mass produced locomotive for us Queensland modellers. All going well, planets aligning and such we will be releasing these in time for the fat red pajama clad one to deliver by express sleigh this year. We will of course be offering them in several versions too, including original, as built versions. Further updates will be coming soon regarding the running numbers, liveries and coffee preferences of these though.

105-05In response to all those whom took the time to ask us at the show and online as well, YES they will be available in both HOn3½ (can we call this standard yet?) as well as HO (16.5mm) gauge. NO, we will not be producing maxi-cab or the Kuranda versions at this stage, but never say never. Obviously we will be producing the bicentenial version and yes, we have listened to you and are making more of them than we did the 2401Ds. There are still a couple of surprises to be had with these models yet, but that’s for another day.

105-06As with all of our Queensland locos, the 1720 will be produced with a standard 8 pin plug (I still refuse to have more pins than I do fingers), all wheel drive, all wheel pick up, directional lighting and scale couplers. We have also listened to your requests and will be supplying these with Kadee number 158 whisker couplers instead of the conventional number 58s as on previous models.

105-13We will (of course) keep you updated with the progress of these little monsters, but then again, none of us are very patient (me especially) and even less of us likes to wait too long. In short, keep an eye out for these.

Now, for the bad bits…

105-10Many of you whom attended the show will recall me hassling you for an opinion about the grill on the 1720. This is simply because we have had to make one compromise that I am unsure of myself. So true to form, let’s not beat around the bush, let’s just put it out there… The grill is supposed to be flush and instead it is recessed by 0.6mm!

105-13The reason for this is simply due to making a model that runs well, looks good and lasts versus a model that runs well, looks good but falls apart if someone in Bolivia sneezes. The options before us were as follows,

  1. make the grill injected plastic… But then it’s not see through.
  2. make the grill etched and stick it into a recess on the hood as with other models… But it has a surface 0.27mm wide to apply glue in the factory and it WILL fall off before you open it and decide that it could have been nice “if it wasn’t for that *%$#ing grill”.
  3. make the grill etched so it is see through and mount it from behind. This means that the grill is several millimeters wider on each side, giving PLENTY of space to apply glue in the factory to ensure the grill NEVER falls out before you open your 2016 Chrissie present.

105-11So, did we do the right thing? Did we make the right choice? Did I remember to turn off the kettle? Please register your vote by calling our polling line now…. The number is 7.

Based on the several hundreds of you that I asked at the show, the response seems to be (thus far) that you would rather a model that is out by 0.6mm on a grill than one that falls apart due to a Bolivian flu epidemic. Me personally, as a modeller, I’m still undecided.

105-09That aside, I am personally VERY excited about this model and can’t wait to have a captive 1720 breeding program upon my own layout. We are also working on the sound files now so (hopefully) they will be ready in time for the release of the 1720.

105-03Once again, on behalf of everyone at the Wuiske Asylum and the Haskell shoelace retrieval service, we would all like to thank you for your continued support. As we’ve always said, we will keep doing this as long as you guys keep asking us to, as surely I can’t be the only one who has always dreamed of modelling QR since I was a kid.

105-04Another thing that was mentioned (several hundred times) at the show, was how many of you would like to attend our Wuiske Models BBQs. The simplest thing is to like our faceplant page and keep an eye out for when the next one is. Everyone is welcome at the asylum, the only proviso is that politics and racing vultures are left at home and that you bring a sense of humour.

105-08Our next show is the DDMRC show in Toowoomba on the 4th and 5th of June and we’re hoping to have at least one operating session/BBQ between now and then. Then again, I am hoping to get a lot more work done on the layout between now and then too… As always though, we shall see how we go.

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