Chapter 104 – 03/05/2016

104-03Well it’s a few days until AMRA Queensland puts on the Brisbane show and we’re busily getting ready. What I really mean is that Jade is busily yelling at her computer and I’m looking busy at my computer. Hopefully a good number of you will come up and see us at the show and have a darn good look in our display case at the shiny new model we’re releasing, but more on that later.

104-04Over the last two weeks, I’ve managed to get a fair bit done on the layout. With the assistance of Matt Harrison (The Invisible Man) and Hayden Lynch (Captain Blackout), we managed to start getting the headboards installed on the layout. For the benefit of the one person whom has asked me three times what a headboard is… It’s a board that sits above the layout, hides the lighting, frames the layout and you bump your head on… repeatedly.

104-05Led by Jade, I actually managed to awaken on a Sunday morning to discover that the fascias and new headboards had been painted black by Jade and the boys. As Jade had geared them up for it to be a surprise for me and wanted to film my reaction, I obviously complied by simply walking around the layout and mumbling “you missed a spot”. And oh how we all laughed. On a totally unrelated matter, I really don’t see what all this fuss about Queensland Health services is about. I thought they seemed rather understanding.

104-01In any case, whilst Jade and Matt continued doing laps of the room with a black paint brush, Hayden and I got stuck into laying the “concrete” for the loco depot. This was done by simply plopping the plaster over the tracks. For a more technical explanation of how this is done, I’d need you to imagine a child running with a bowl of porridge whilst someone sticks their foot out in front of them. That aside, it is really that simple. I just leveled it all out with a plastic spatula. Once it was dry, I just trimmed the edges with a knife in the same way as you remove dried porridge from carpet.

104-02Once it was dry, I started scribing the surface with my Olfa cutter although the back of a knife blade will work just as well. I also used the same tool to scribe out the flange ways along the two tracks within the loco depot. A few days later, I painted it with a selection of really cheap artist acrylics. The colours I mixed together were a drop of black, a drop of white, a drop of “mud” and a third of a drop of grey (I ran out of grey, hence the black and white).

104-06Anyway, back to the upcoming show. This year at the Brisbane Miniature Train Show, Wuiske Models are proud to announce the release of the QR20A bogies in HO and HOn3½. This is our second RTR, mass produced bogie and comes fitted with 7.6mm disc wheels. These have been built to the same fine profile as our 9.6mm diameter wheels. The new wheels are (of course) available separately too. The most important fact about these bogies (we believe) is that they are made entirely in Brisbane! Whilst Rob was back on deck for the Bundy show, he is back off deck for Brisbane as there have been a few complications with his leg. Something about wooden legs and splinters in his socks… He wouldn’t go into details about it.

104-07As such, Craig will be there along with Jade to give us a hand. This year (as with last year) the Workshops Rail Museum is putting on a steam train doing loops of the city circle so hopefully, I’ll get to take the kids on it again. That being said we look forward to the show this weekend and hope to see a lot of you there.

As always though, We shall see how we go.

One last thing though… Just to see if they read this, G’day Pete, Steve and co… What’s wrong with Morris Dancing?

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