Chapter 102 – 17/04/2016

102-12Well it’s finally happened, ALL the track on the layout at the Wuiske Asylum has been laid! Not only that, but I have even managed to solder some wirey type bits to them! As such, we decided to have some people out for another of our increasingly regular BBQs.

102-01 This time Jandowae was descended upon by Ian Fainges, The Three Little Petes, The Big Bad Russ, Michael, Stephen Colclough and young George. So with a tribe such as this, obviously shoe laces were handed in upon arrival and all light bulbs were secured.

102-02Within minutes of arriving, a few of the lads had discovered the magical sanity switch on the kettle and had started making a brew. FINALLY people who just jump in and help themselves instead of waiting to be offered a coffee… My type of blokes!

102-11Within several seconds of this, a quick tour was conducted of the layout. This (obviously) involved pointing out historic landmarks (I need to build some one day), places of interest that may be built, QCWA clubhouses that have had planning permission granted, as well as the location of the track.

102-09So after a good solid six or seven minutes of gum flapping, the trains were rolling… And then Big Bad Russ mentioned it was time for a smoke break. So whilst I stepped outside to feast upon a cancer stick with Russ, the boys were running trains. Upon my return, there were still trains running. No fires, fights or bouts of random common sense had accidentally broken out in my absence, I’m sorry to say.

102-07After a while, I began running a train also. I started pulling the container wagons from the container yard and proceeded from the South Yard at Harriston to the North Yard and that’s as far as I got as I was distracted by something shiny. Pete number 2 had brought along his almost complete BB18¼.

102-03As a hush (well not really, but I’m telling this story so let’s just go with it) fell over the eager crowd and the anticipation grew, Pete placed his locomotive upon the track… And promptly shut the layout down with a short. As the crowd in unison said, “oh,” Pete mentioned that there was a good chance the tender bogies had been placed on backwards. So after having mentioned this, Pete placed the locomotive back on the track and promptly shut the layout down again. We then retired to the shop counter to look at the underside of the BB18¼ tender. With three sets of eyes, surely we would easily be able to distinguish if it was the black wheel touching the yellow wire that was causing the issue, or possibly the other black wheel touching the completely different yellow wire as the cause of the offending short. Sometime around this point I was sure I heard my mum calling and retired out the front to contemplate my nasal hairs.

102-08By the time I had returned, there was a rather miraculously repaired BB18¼ locomotive running around the layout hauling a rather stunning set of Caintode Flats Sydney Mail coaches. All the while, Ian had produced one of his 1550 and 2400 class locomotives as well as a rather nice model of 1407 which was a BDM loco with a K&M mechanism and a decoder fitted. In all, we had around 13 locomotives on the layout and no problems. Obviously I had accidentally done something right (or at least less wrong) with my wiring.

102-10So as the day wore on and sanity became a more and more distant memory we all merrily played trains.

102-05Around this point, we fired up the BBQ.  After having fired the BBQ up, it dawned upon us that Jade had not prepared the salads, it was only 3pm after all. Usually our “lunch time BBQs” don’t start looking at food until at least 5pm. So the BBQ was shut down again.

After some time, Jade appeared with a large number of salads and a pile of formerly “mooing” and “oinking” things… The BBQ was again fired up.

102-13So over a rather nice lunch, we discussed the more weighty issues of the world. Such as Donald Trump, which of the Three Stooges had a better hair cut, why there was no silent Q in the name Mississippi, and young George’s upcoming birthday. Happy Spawning Day Anniversary, Mate!

102-06So with all the vocal abilities of the best talent concert ever held by the deaf society a certain song (that we may or may not have paid royalties to perform) was recited… BADLY. Stephen then produced some “Jelly Slices” that his long suffering wife Desley had produced. As a point, Desley is welcome here ANY time!

So around the time that the sun played hide and seek with the horizon, the tribe of vehicles left Planet Jandowae after we’d all had a thoroughly brilliant day.

102-04I’d like to thank the boys for coming out, Jade, the kids and I had a ball.

So now that I’m about finished writing this, I guess I’ll start looking at another Adam’s Video Corer and playing trains some more…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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