Chapter 101 – 04/04/2016

101-01Well the timing between these seems to be getting ridiculously further apart. So with that in mind, there are a huge number of things that have been happening since chapter 100.

101-02Since the last chapter the bicentennial 2401D locomotives have come and gone. The number produced was limited to 100 units and sold out within 24 hours. We appologise to all those who missed out. Had we known the demand would have been so great, we would have made more. Having said that, at the time these were planned, there were still no RTR locomotives available for Queensland modellers. And therefore no information on how many of which loco should be made.

101-03Based on the fact that there is only (as yet) two mass produced locomotives available for QR modellers, the planning of numbers is still well and truly in the realms of being “guess work”. But we’ll get there. For those that missed out on purchasing a bicentennial 2400, hopefully they will not miss out on the NEXT bicentennial locomotive.

Anyway, enough “work stuff” this is all about the layout!

101-04Since the last chapter, there have been massive changes and advances to the Wuiske Layout. The vast majority of the track has been laid, the second main yard is still awaiting more points, I mean there is only 57 sets of points (and two double slips) thus. Around a dozen or so more should get everything done though. The track work for the Abattoirs has been laid and the terminus for the main branch is now complete. This means we can finally run the cattle trains in their correct sections.

101-08The result of this is a train that (if done right) should take two and a half hours to operate. This is assuming there are no other trains to delay things. The meat train can now run from the Abattoirs at McLaren down to the cold stores as well.

101-12This combined with the extra wagon or two to be dropped off or picked up from the good shed should mean the branch sees a bit of traffic. At present I am looking at naming the the stations on the layout. The secondary yard will more than likely be named Daley as the secondary yard on the previous layout was. The main yard is looking like it will be named Harriston.

101-07Getting back to the trains running into and out of the Summiton branch, a rake of 10-12 cattle wagons can be picked up from the terminus of the Summiton branch and run down to Daley Yard.

101-09At this point the wagons may be added to more cattle wagons dropped off there earlier. From Daley the train heads along the main line to the main yard (Harriston) where the loco or locos run around their train and split it into 6-8 wagons sets.

101-10These are then sent off on the McLaren branch to be unloaded at the abattoirs at the end. Once they’re done, they are returned empty to the Harrison yard and then sent back as a larger train to Daley and re-split to start the process again.

101-06That also means we need to allow for a meat train to leave the abattoirs at McLaren and head down the branch to Harriston yard and into the cold stores siding. This train will no doubt be combined with loading for the cannery along the branch as well.

101-11Well that’s the theory anyway. With our barbecues of late, we have been trialing some of this activity on the layout and it seems to work fairly well. This is just two out of the dozen or so trains we have slated to run on the layout and seem to occupy and confuse operators with hours of enjoyment and confusion. Well that’s the plan at least.

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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