Chapter 100 – 14/12/2015

100-01Well here we are, Chapter 100. Surely a massive round of congratulatory beatings has been well and truly earned by everyone who has managed to red this far through the rants of a deluded modeller located a few blocks further out than the middle of nowhere. That aside the least I can do is offer my most sincere and humble thanks for the support you have given us all over the last nine years.

100-02There have (obviously) been a great number of changes both to the Wuiske Models business as well as my personal layout and modelling abilities over the last nine years. What started as a corner about me building a layout that I assumed would keep me going until I departed for the great hobby shop in the sky (despite them not carrying my brand of paints or so I’m told) and a

100-03simple and easily accessible method for everyone to access quick and simple answers to the questions we get asked numerous times at each and every show that we attend has developed into a series of (hopefully at least) mildly amusing rants about life on Planet Jandowae for a resident shut in and overly obsessive modeller.

100-04Along the way, we have shared our additions to our growing business as well as our growing family and a great many of you have developed into genuine friends that we consider to be more like the distant and slightly more sane members of “the family”.

100-05With the development of Wuiske Models over the last little while, time has not been my friend when it comes to updating this little rant section I do try and put fists to keyboard as time permits to inform you all of our most recent happenings and developments, discoveries and infuriation’s that I as a modeller have stumbled across or fallen over along the way.

100-06That being said, I assume most of you would like to know where the layout is up to…

Well here goes…

100-07As the majority of the track is now down, we have been running trains regularly for a few months and have been having a great time doing so in the process. Scenery has been started and, as ever, I am learning or relearning many things regarding techniques that I was unaware of or have modified along the way.

100-08Most recently, I took my first unsteady attempts at modelling water. This was (to me at least) a rather daunting task as I’d seen many attempts that looked less than good. Whilst I was convinced that I could muster all my modelling abilities to replicate the results that I didn’t like, I was less sure of my abilities in creating water that I did like.

100-09I used a product called Realistic Water by Woodland Scenics and whilst it can only be applied in thin layers and takes 24 hours for each layer to dry, I am pretty happy with the end result. It was also VERY easy.

If I were to do this all over again, I would certainly do things differently, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

100-10What I was happy with was the way the majority of the “riverbed” came out. All I did was apply the usual diluted layer of Burnt Umber acrylic paint to the plaster. Next, I applied the normal dirt base that I use. A few rocks nicked from the drive way and placed here and there as well as some small twigs to represent branches and it was good to go.

100-11Doing it from scratch again, I would have applied more paint along the edge of the layout as it tends to get lighter as you go. I also would have made the creek bed a bit more level to eliminate such a great depth at one end. These are both forward planning issues that could easily be resolved by more forward planning type people than myself (I’ve never pretended to be good at forward planning so why start now?).

100-12The culvert added is just a cheap (about $12.00) culvert made by Woodland Scenics and is essentially made of a plaster like material. I painted it with a wash of grey artist acrylics and then went to town with weathering powders until I achieved the result I was after.

100-13The “pipe” behind the culvert is nothing more than a bit of plaster behind the culvert castings that I poked my pinky finger into and then painted black. So not really anything difficult there and actually (aside from waiting for the water to dry) a pretty quick little project.

100-14Some of you may have seen the post or posts I have been making on the Wuiske Models Facebook page about placement of trees. I was desperately seeking opinions on how or where I could use some pine trees I had left over from the old layout. Thanks to all those who replied by the way. I settled on using tealeaves as “fallen leaves” around the base of the trees.

100-15Someone asked me what I use to cut the afore mentioned tealeaves once and I simply answered that “I pay a little extra to buy them pre cut and packaged in bag form”. That’s right, I cut up two tea bags and they covered a lot more ground than I expected… Also, my constant companion (a cup of coffee) did not seem to get even slightly upset at me beheading one of its beverage enemies, so that was a plus too.

100-16Whilst waiting for glue to dry, I have been fitting more and more of the DCC Concepts Cobalt point motors to the layout (30 down as I type this and about 25 to go). As I’ve mentioned in the past, I LOVE these little beauties!

100-17They are simple to place and as reliable as… um… err… Well if I could think of something else that was as reliable these days, trust me, I’d list it. Essentially they just work and I love them!

100-18As the layout has been progressing more and more, I have been inviting a lot more people out to “play trains” just so we can get a feel for what we’ve done right and what needs work in the planning of the layout. Thus far the indications are good.

100-19As part of this, we’ve recently restarted the Wuiske Models Barbeques that we held a few times ast year. Our November one had six people attend and we had a FANTASTIC time. Thanks guys (and girl) for coming out.

100-20Due to the high amount of responses we’ve had on facebook for people wanting to attend our BBQ on the 12th of December, we’ve decided to hold a second December BBQ on the 19th of December (THIS WEEKEND!).

100-21Feel free to turn up from about 10am if you want, and by all means feel free to bring your own trains to run (or run in) on our layout (12mm gauge only sorry). Please let us know if you want to join us so we can ensure there’s enough grub to go around.
Same again, starting around 10am and finishing… probably sometime on Sunday night.

With any luck, an Adam’s Video Corner update will be accompanying this chapter to show a little bit of the running sessions we had at the November barbeque…

As ever though, we shall see how we go.


19th December 2015
Starting around 10am

Please let us know if you’re planning to join us.

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