Chapter 102 – 17/04/2016

102-12Well it’s finally happened, ALL the track on the layout at the Wuiske Asylum has been laid! Not only that, but I have even managed to solder some wirey type bits to them! As such, we decided to have some people out for another of our increasingly regular BBQs.

102-01 This time Jandowae was descended upon by Ian Fainges, The Three Little Petes, The Big Bad Russ, Michael, Stephen Colclough and young George. So with a tribe such as this, obviously shoe laces were handed in upon arrival and all light bulbs were secured.

102-02Within minutes of arriving, a few of the lads had discovered the magical sanity switch on the kettle and had started making a brew. FINALLY people who just jump in and help themselves instead of waiting to be offered a coffee… My type of blokes!

102-11Within several seconds of this, a quick tour was conducted of the layout. This (obviously) involved pointing out historic landmarks (I need to build some one day), places of interest that may be built, QCWA clubhouses that have had planning permission granted, as well as the location of the track.

102-09So after a good solid six or seven minutes of gum flapping, the trains were rolling… And then Big Bad Russ mentioned it was time for a smoke break. So whilst I stepped outside to feast upon a cancer stick with Russ, the boys were running trains. Upon my return, there were still trains running. No fires, fights or bouts of random common sense had accidentally broken out in my absence, I’m sorry to say.

102-07After a while, I began running a train also. I started pulling the container wagons from the container yard and proceeded from the South Yard at Harriston to the North Yard and that’s as far as I got as I was distracted by something shiny. Pete number 2 had brought along his almost complete BB18¼.

102-03As a hush (well not really, but I’m telling this story so let’s just go with it) fell over the eager crowd and the anticipation grew, Pete placed his locomotive upon the track… And promptly shut the layout down with a short. As the crowd in unison said, “oh,” Pete mentioned that there was a good chance the tender bogies had been placed on backwards. So after having mentioned this, Pete placed the locomotive back on the track and promptly shut the layout down again. We then retired to the shop counter to look at the underside of the BB18¼ tender. With three sets of eyes, surely we would easily be able to distinguish if it was the black wheel touching the yellow wire that was causing the issue, or possibly the other black wheel touching the completely different yellow wire as the cause of the offending short. Sometime around this point I was sure I heard my mum calling and retired out the front to contemplate my nasal hairs.

102-08By the time I had returned, there was a rather miraculously repaired BB18¼ locomotive running around the layout hauling a rather stunning set of Caintode Flats Sydney Mail coaches. All the while, Ian had produced one of his 1550 and 2400 class locomotives as well as a rather nice model of 1407 which was a BDM loco with a K&M mechanism and a decoder fitted. In all, we had around 13 locomotives on the layout and no problems. Obviously I had accidentally done something right (or at least less wrong) with my wiring.

102-10So as the day wore on and sanity became a more and more distant memory we all merrily played trains.

102-05Around this point, we fired up the BBQ.  After having fired the BBQ up, it dawned upon us that Jade had not prepared the salads, it was only 3pm after all. Usually our “lunch time BBQs” don’t start looking at food until at least 5pm. So the BBQ was shut down again.

After some time, Jade appeared with a large number of salads and a pile of formerly “mooing” and “oinking” things… The BBQ was again fired up.

102-13So over a rather nice lunch, we discussed the more weighty issues of the world. Such as Donald Trump, which of the Three Stooges had a better hair cut, why there was no silent Q in the name Mississippi, and young George’s upcoming birthday. Happy Spawning Day Anniversary, Mate!

102-06So with all the vocal abilities of the best talent concert ever held by the deaf society a certain song (that we may or may not have paid royalties to perform) was recited… BADLY. Stephen then produced some “Jelly Slices” that his long suffering wife Desley had produced. As a point, Desley is welcome here ANY time!

So around the time that the sun played hide and seek with the horizon, the tribe of vehicles left Planet Jandowae after we’d all had a thoroughly brilliant day.

102-04I’d like to thank the boys for coming out, Jade, the kids and I had a ball.

So now that I’m about finished writing this, I guess I’ll start looking at another Adam’s Video Corer and playing trains some more…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 101 – 04/04/2016

101-01Well the timing between these seems to be getting ridiculously further apart. So with that in mind, there are a huge number of things that have been happening since chapter 100.

101-02Since the last chapter the bicentennial 2401D locomotives have come and gone. The number produced was limited to 100 units and sold out within 24 hours. We appologise to all those who missed out. Had we known the demand would have been so great, we would have made more. Having said that, at the time these were planned, there were still no RTR locomotives available for Queensland modellers. And therefore no information on how many of which loco should be made.

101-03Based on the fact that there is only (as yet) two mass produced locomotives available for QR modellers, the planning of numbers is still well and truly in the realms of being “guess work”. But we’ll get there. For those that missed out on purchasing a bicentennial 2400, hopefully they will not miss out on the NEXT bicentennial locomotive.

Anyway, enough “work stuff” this is all about the layout!

101-04Since the last chapter, there have been massive changes and advances to the Wuiske Layout. The vast majority of the track has been laid, the second main yard is still awaiting more points, I mean there is only 57 sets of points (and two double slips) thus. Around a dozen or so more should get everything done though. The track work for the Abattoirs has been laid and the terminus for the main branch is now complete. This means we can finally run the cattle trains in their correct sections.

101-08The result of this is a train that (if done right) should take two and a half hours to operate. This is assuming there are no other trains to delay things. The meat train can now run from the Abattoirs at McLaren down to the cold stores as well.

101-12This combined with the extra wagon or two to be dropped off or picked up from the good shed should mean the branch sees a bit of traffic. At present I am looking at naming the the stations on the layout. The secondary yard will more than likely be named Daley as the secondary yard on the previous layout was. The main yard is looking like it will be named Harriston.

101-07Getting back to the trains running into and out of the Summiton branch, a rake of 10-12 cattle wagons can be picked up from the terminus of the Summiton branch and run down to Daley Yard.

101-09At this point the wagons may be added to more cattle wagons dropped off there earlier. From Daley the train heads along the main line to the main yard (Harriston) where the loco or locos run around their train and split it into 6-8 wagons sets.

101-10These are then sent off on the McLaren branch to be unloaded at the abattoirs at the end. Once they’re done, they are returned empty to the Harrison yard and then sent back as a larger train to Daley and re-split to start the process again.

101-06That also means we need to allow for a meat train to leave the abattoirs at McLaren and head down the branch to Harriston yard and into the cold stores siding. This train will no doubt be combined with loading for the cannery along the branch as well.

101-11Well that’s the theory anyway. With our barbecues of late, we have been trialing some of this activity on the layout and it seems to work fairly well. This is just two out of the dozen or so trains we have slated to run on the layout and seem to occupy and confuse operators with hours of enjoyment and confusion. Well that’s the plan at least.

As always though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 100 – 14/12/2015

100-01Well here we are, Chapter 100. Surely a massive round of congratulatory beatings has been well and truly earned by everyone who has managed to red this far through the rants of a deluded modeller located a few blocks further out than the middle of nowhere. That aside the least I can do is offer my most sincere and humble thanks for the support you have given us all over the last nine years.

100-02There have (obviously) been a great number of changes both to the Wuiske Models business as well as my personal layout and modelling abilities over the last nine years. What started as a corner about me building a layout that I assumed would keep me going until I departed for the great hobby shop in the sky (despite them not carrying my brand of paints or so I’m told) and a

100-03simple and easily accessible method for everyone to access quick and simple answers to the questions we get asked numerous times at each and every show that we attend has developed into a series of (hopefully at least) mildly amusing rants about life on Planet Jandowae for a resident shut in and overly obsessive modeller.

100-04Along the way, we have shared our additions to our growing business as well as our growing family and a great many of you have developed into genuine friends that we consider to be more like the distant and slightly more sane members of “the family”.

100-05With the development of Wuiske Models over the last little while, time has not been my friend when it comes to updating this little rant section I do try and put fists to keyboard as time permits to inform you all of our most recent happenings and developments, discoveries and infuriation’s that I as a modeller have stumbled across or fallen over along the way.

100-06That being said, I assume most of you would like to know where the layout is up to…

Well here goes…

100-07As the majority of the track is now down, we have been running trains regularly for a few months and have been having a great time doing so in the process. Scenery has been started and, as ever, I am learning or relearning many things regarding techniques that I was unaware of or have modified along the way.

100-08Most recently, I took my first unsteady attempts at modelling water. This was (to me at least) a rather daunting task as I’d seen many attempts that looked less than good. Whilst I was convinced that I could muster all my modelling abilities to replicate the results that I didn’t like, I was less sure of my abilities in creating water that I did like.

100-09I used a product called Realistic Water by Woodland Scenics and whilst it can only be applied in thin layers and takes 24 hours for each layer to dry, I am pretty happy with the end result. It was also VERY easy.

If I were to do this all over again, I would certainly do things differently, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

100-10What I was happy with was the way the majority of the “riverbed” came out. All I did was apply the usual diluted layer of Burnt Umber acrylic paint to the plaster. Next, I applied the normal dirt base that I use. A few rocks nicked from the drive way and placed here and there as well as some small twigs to represent branches and it was good to go.

100-11Doing it from scratch again, I would have applied more paint along the edge of the layout as it tends to get lighter as you go. I also would have made the creek bed a bit more level to eliminate such a great depth at one end. These are both forward planning issues that could easily be resolved by more forward planning type people than myself (I’ve never pretended to be good at forward planning so why start now?).

100-12The culvert added is just a cheap (about $12.00) culvert made by Woodland Scenics and is essentially made of a plaster like material. I painted it with a wash of grey artist acrylics and then went to town with weathering powders until I achieved the result I was after.

100-13The “pipe” behind the culvert is nothing more than a bit of plaster behind the culvert castings that I poked my pinky finger into and then painted black. So not really anything difficult there and actually (aside from waiting for the water to dry) a pretty quick little project.

100-14Some of you may have seen the post or posts I have been making on the Wuiske Models Facebook page about placement of trees. I was desperately seeking opinions on how or where I could use some pine trees I had left over from the old layout. Thanks to all those who replied by the way. I settled on using tealeaves as “fallen leaves” around the base of the trees.

100-15Someone asked me what I use to cut the afore mentioned tealeaves once and I simply answered that “I pay a little extra to buy them pre cut and packaged in bag form”. That’s right, I cut up two tea bags and they covered a lot more ground than I expected… Also, my constant companion (a cup of coffee) did not seem to get even slightly upset at me beheading one of its beverage enemies, so that was a plus too.

100-16Whilst waiting for glue to dry, I have been fitting more and more of the DCC Concepts Cobalt point motors to the layout (30 down as I type this and about 25 to go). As I’ve mentioned in the past, I LOVE these little beauties!

100-17They are simple to place and as reliable as… um… err… Well if I could think of something else that was as reliable these days, trust me, I’d list it. Essentially they just work and I love them!

100-18As the layout has been progressing more and more, I have been inviting a lot more people out to “play trains” just so we can get a feel for what we’ve done right and what needs work in the planning of the layout. Thus far the indications are good.

100-19As part of this, we’ve recently restarted the Wuiske Models Barbeques that we held a few times ast year. Our November one had six people attend and we had a FANTASTIC time. Thanks guys (and girl) for coming out.

100-20Due to the high amount of responses we’ve had on facebook for people wanting to attend our BBQ on the 12th of December, we’ve decided to hold a second December BBQ on the 19th of December (THIS WEEKEND!).

100-21Feel free to turn up from about 10am if you want, and by all means feel free to bring your own trains to run (or run in) on our layout (12mm gauge only sorry). Please let us know if you want to join us so we can ensure there’s enough grub to go around.
Same again, starting around 10am and finishing… probably sometime on Sunday night.

With any luck, an Adam’s Video Corner update will be accompanying this chapter to show a little bit of the running sessions we had at the November barbeque…

As ever though, we shall see how we go.


19th December 2015
Starting around 10am

Please let us know if you’re planning to join us.

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Chapter 99 – 12/10/2015

99-01This chapter of Adam’s Corner comes to you from a usually quiet place within the Wuiske Asylum…. My office. However, today, as I sit down to put fists and forehead to keyboard, the kids have discovered a shiny, new and LARGE cardboard box. As such we have space missions, housing construction and demolition and two wannabe dogs jumping around like a jogger with a thumbtack in his shoes.

99-02None the less, we shall see how long I can keep this going. The Wuiske Layout has had a fair bit of work completed or at least commenced on it recently. We now have both main lines laid which is FANTASTIC! Why didn’t I do this the first time around? Running two to four trains at once whilst shunting with another is so much more fun! Honestly, if you’re building a freelanced QR layout, go with a double track main!

99-03Some of you may have seen on our faceplant page that Wuiske Models will soon be selling CR Signals from the UK. These are spectacular handmade signals that match QR signals rather closely. Thus far, I have installed a two aspect signal on the branch. This is wired up to a repeater signal, like the prototype (funny that hey). Also I have put in the first of the shunt signals leading to the branch from an industry. I seriously love these things and look forward to getting some more.

99-04Similarly, we have recently received some new supplies of Peco HOm track which were added to the website not long ago.

Meanwhile, the children have started stacking things on top of their box house/fort/spaceship/kennel.

99-05The as yet unnamed second yard has now been laid and needs to be wired… 42 pairs of wires for me to solder… yippee!
The second and third branches have started to be laid as well. We have the track down for the first five industries… Already that’s two more than we had on the entire previous layout and there is way more to come so far as operations.

99-06After a series of shows, I’ve been buying up a lot of the Rix Products Kits. These things are fantastic as industrial sheds. Being a large industrial layout, I need a bucket load of them and the Rix products fit the bill nicely. They are essentially a modular building system that has been really well thought out. I strongly recommend them for any Aussie layout.

99-07So whilst there is still a long way to go on this layout, I am getting to the point where operations are already possible on a larger scale than was possible on the previous layout. We are even planning on restarting our Wuiske Models barbecues soon so we can get as many people here as possible to “play trains”.

99-08For those of you whom have not seen our faceplant page, Rob had a motorcycle accident in July.

Well what actually happened was that he was pleasantly riding along near Maidenwell one evening when he discovered a kamikaze kangaroo that decided it would be smart to head butt his leg.

Thankfully Rob is alive and relatively okay…. now.

99-09His bike was written off as was his leg. With the aid of some gaffer tape and a bit of chewing gum, his leg is now on the mend. His bike may require the afore mentioned items as well as some plaster.

Both Rob and Coral would like to thank you all for your kind words and thoughts for Rob’s health.

It means a lot to them and is greatly appreciated.

99-10August saw the RMCQ show at Strathpine. As usual, this was a great success and we had an absolute ball. My brother Craig and I would like to thank John and the boys at the RMCQ for yet again putting on a spectacular show. We had a great time and look forward to next year’s show as usual.

99-11Our most recently attended show was the Redlands Show at Cleveland. This one is a smaller show but always great fun. Jade and the kids unfortunately missed out on this one, however Craig and I had a great time, as always.

99-12In a couple of weeks it will be time for the last show of this year, the Ipswich Model Train Show at the Workshops Rail Museum.

With any luck, Hop-Along-Rob will be back on deck soon for shows, although he will unfortunately miss this one.

99-13Jade is presently trying to surgically remove two children from a cardboard box…

This usually signals the time for Adam to grab a coffee and sit back and watch the fun that ensues…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

2015QMTSflyerOur next exhibition will be The Queensland Model Train Show at the Workshops Rail Museum, North Street, Ipswich.

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of October 2015.

For more information visit: The Workshops Website

99-14Our 1550 locomotives have made another appearance in Model Railroader, this time in the form of a Quick Look Review on page 74 of the November 2015 issue!

A couple of slight little errors including gauge being noted as HOn3 instead of HOn3½ but all in all we’re stoked!

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Chapter 98 – 24/07/2015

98-01So this chapter will be an interesting one but also something of a first.

Wuiske Models have received the run of 2401D bicentennial liveried locomotives.

After careful inspection (as we were going through checking them actually), we discovered an issue…

The paint didn’t match!

98-02Whilst the models look brilliant upon first glance, there is a slight shade variation between the front yellow sections and the rear. Some of you will recall my seemingly constant complaints about yellow paint being the worst of colours to paint with due to the fact that it is essentially translucent ever since the removal of lead from the manufacturing process…
Well here is the proof of just that (all those whom argued with this premise on forums, please start your engines).

98-03The issue with the colour variation is most noticeable in low light… Let’s call it “layout lighting” and we noticed it straight away on the Wuiske Models layout.

Neither Jade nor I was happy with it. We discussed this with Kieren and he was in agreement that the issue was one that no one would be happy with in our opinion.

98-04As a result, we have arranged with the factory for these units to be sent back and to have the shells remade from scratch. This is a VERY rare move to be suggested by companies and an even rarer move to be accepted by a factory in China. Luckily for us, we have an excellent working relationship with our factory and Kieren made a special trip over there to discuss rectifying this problem.

98-05As a result, ALL the 2401D models will be delayed as they are being remade to ensure they are right. We apologise for this unexpected delay (we were supposed to be releasing them today) but we would rather delay people and explain the true and genuine reasons than sell you a model we believe is sub-standard.

98-06Some people have mentioned that the issue is not that  bad, but it is one that I, as a modeller, would not be happy to live with and it is one that I certainly would not be comfortable asking others to live with.

98-07As we know there are a lot of people waiting on this model (myself included), I am personally apologising for this unexpected delay. The models are most likely “acceptable” to some but I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that we let this imperfection through and into your hands.

98-08The remade 2401D models should be available by the end of this year as opposed to the expected time of “late July” that we promoted through our faceplant page and website. Technically, the models were ready by this time, we just refused to accept them.

98-09We will keep you updated as to the progress, we will also be letting the shops know what has happened to ensure that everyone knows of these issues.

This announcement does not nullify our prior announcement and decision regarding these models, which has now been moved from the front page of our site to this Adam’s Corner to keep things together.


After much discussion within the Shared Wuiske Models and Haskell Asylums, we have been forced into making a decision we had not wished to make regarding the Bicentennial 2401D model. We presently supply over 20 shops in Australia and overseas. With such a limited run of a model we have had two retailers trying to effectively call “dibs” on a vast proportion of the run. One was very adamant about how many they “HAD to have” and how we “owed it to them”.

As such, we have decided that to work in the best interest of you, the modeller, and to avoid as many people as possible missing out on this limited production model (or to avoid the possibility of paying stupid prices on eBay in 6 months time) we have made the decision that ALL models of 2401D in the Bicentennial livery will be made available direct through Wuiske Models ONLY.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes as it was not our preferred option. However we have spent well over a decade producing models for modellers (like myself for instance) and we refuse point blank to be told how many models we “have” to set aside for any retailer.

If any retailers have an issue with this policy then they are welcome to discontinue stocking our products as one shop has already threatened to (Wuiskes don’t work well with threats). This action has been taken as a direct result of the actions of two retailers (one in particular) and we will not bow to any pseudo pressure being applied on this front.

Whilst we usually go out of our way to support and promote the local hobby shops, there are limits to what we will put up with.

Having said that, if you have ordered one of these models through your local hobby shop, please PHONE US ASAP (07 4668 5976 anytime) to let us know and we will happily honour your standing arrangement and send it to them for you to purchase.

on behalf of Adam & Jade Wuiske and Kieren & Anita Haskell.98-11

98-12We will hopefully get back to updating the layout side of my corner soon and do a few more videos…

As always though, we shall see how we go.

2015RMCQflyerOur next exhibition will be The Pine Rivers Model Train and Hobby Exhibition put on by the boys and girls of the Railway Modellers’ Club of Queensland.

Saturday 22nd & Sunday 23rd of August 2015 at the Strathpine Community Centre, 199 Gympie Rd, Strathpine (enter off Mecklem Street).

For more information visit:

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Chapter 97 – 01/05/2015

After a bit of a break from my little rant, I thought I should once again put fists to keyboard and whinge, rant, rave and inform you all of the latest goings on in the Wuiske Asylum.

97-01After the last chapter where Jade demonstrated the installation process for the LokSound Decoders into our 1550 and 2400 class locos, we have been swamped with people converting to sound. This is great news and we’re all genuinely happy to see it. It was only a handful of years ago that a few people were claiming that “it’s impossible to fit sound to QR locos” so this is a great development and encouraging to see this side of the hobby developing so quickly.

97-02As usual, Wuiske Models attended the Brisbane Model Train Show in early May. The venue this year was getting close to being back at it’s original stomping ground. As such I have to say, it was a roaring success. We were proud to be tied in with AMRA as being a supporter and it was fantastic to see so many of you there as well as soooooo many new faces to the hobby.

97-03Around the time that we got our breath back from the Brisbane Show, the Toowoomba show (put on by the Darling Downs Model Railway Club) was due. As usual, Wuiske Models were there with bells on. As always, Rob and I had a phenomenal show!

97-04Again, it was encouraging to see so many new modellers coming into QR modelling. Being a smaller show, we got to have a decent chat with quite a few of you and had an absolute ball. Both Rob and I would like to thank Ted Freeman and all the others whom put so much time and effort into organising this brilliant show.

97-05As is usual after the Toowoomba show, I had an attack of inspiration for working on the new layout.

97-06I have not had the time to do a great deal on it since the release of the 1550s but the progress I’ve made has been quick and huge.

97-07The biggest change has been the addition of the 3mm MDF backdrop board, which was mounted using liquid nails and clamps to avoid nail or screw heads showing through the backdrops.

Extra progress had also been made on the trackbed base and Trackrite foam underlay.

97-08Jade managed to get the backdrops (save for the last couple of meters thus far) installed. I’ve discovered a new affection for our “Distant Tree line” backdrop. This backdrop is one that I never really liked and used to actively talk people out of buying.

97-09That was until Jade installed twenty plus meters of it on the Wuiske Models layout! This backdrop is BRILLIANT! It adds depth to every scene and really brightens things up. As such, it’s my new favourite product!

97-10I have mentioned previously that I have been using Cobalt Digital Turnout Motors by DCC Concepts on the new layout. These things are fantastic! Whilst I am not fully using the DCC side of things on my layout, the power feed to the frog of the points and the simplicity of wiring is fantastic!
As with anything electrical, I did walk into using them with some concerns.

97-11I’m more than happy to say that these were all completely unfounded.  Highly recommend using these point motors as they are simpler to install than the Peco solenoids and they actually work out cheaper than using the Peco units with the add on switch to power the polarity. I’ll be sure to do a chapter on how I install them at some point, one day and weather permitting as usual.

97-12Despite there being a nationwide shortage of Peco 12mm gauge track in Australia, We have managed to lay the first ain line and all bar around ten feet of the second main. The yards and first branch line are taking shape as well.

97-13After the success I have found with using the DCC Concepts point motors, we have now started selling them as well. As is my usual practice, I will not sell anything that I don’t use myself. Similarly, we have also started stocking Peco products. The DCC Concepts products are currently on the website and the Peco products will be added as stock becomes available.

97-14Despite being busier than a one armed juggler with an itchy bum, I have managed to get some time to weather two of my own 1550 class locos for my layout, 1558D and 1572H.

97-15Both units have been weathered to different degrees and have been done almost completely with our weathering powders. I did apply a faint coat of Floquil CN grey (no longer available but any light grey will do) with an airbrush to tone down the blue and yellow and help give them a more faded look.

97-16For those of you that follow our faceplant  page,  ( wuiskemodels) you will have already seen photos of these models and some of the responses to how they were done.

97-17I am looking at doing a video corner soon to update everyone as to the progress on the layout to see the entirety of it thus far. As always though, we shall see how we go.

MR-Cody's OfficeWe’ve had a few reviews published recently in various model railway magazines.

Most notable was our special mention on Model Railroader’s online publication Cody’s Office in April 2015 and news announcement in the 2015 July Issue. We have been told MR-2015-07-1550this is the first time in about 47 years that an Australian model featured in Model Railroader.

We’ve also had reviews published in Continental Modeller, Narrow Gauge Down Under Magazine, and Australian Model Railway Magazine. Thanks to all the publications for allowing us to share these with our readers.

CM-2015-06-1550 NGDU-2015-04-1550


2015GCMTSflyerOur next exhibition will be the Miniature Trains On The Coast Model Train and Hobby Show put on by the boys and girls of the Miniature Train Club Gold Coast, on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July 2015 at the Carara Basketball Stadium, Gold Coast Indoor Sports Complex, Nerang-Broadbeach Road, Carrara (New Location). For more information visit: or on facebook: 234389753294071

Also a little oops moment in my last Adam’s Corner. There was a step I missed photographing and mentioning, it’s not crucial but it does help. Here it is, and it has been added to Chapter 96 in its correct sequence.

96-36Prepare the area in the locomotive shell where the speaker will be mounted by folding down the two brass tabs that mount the brass mesh over the radiator fan with the aid of a flathead screwdriver. Care must be taken to ensure you do not pop out the brass mesh on the topside.

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Chapter 96 – 26/04/2015

96-01Time for Jade to hijack Adam’s Corner again with the long awaited DCC installation walkthrough for our 1550 class (as well as our upcoming 2400 class) locomotives.

You can pick any DCC decoder as long as it is 3 or 4 function (to have working marker lights) and where the plug is separate to the decoder itself.

96-02The DCC chip we are using in this guide is the LokSound Select item number 93490 which can be purchased or ordered through us as well as any hobbyshop stocking ESU products.

96-03If purchasing through a retailer, you will also require a speaker and bafflebox, ESU product code 50330, although when purchasing through Wuiske Models directly, we offer this already soldered and included with the 93490 sound chip.

96-04If you want DCC but don’t want the sound, one of the available chips is a LokPilot Standard – ESU Product Code 53611 and available from any retailer stocking ESU products and Wuiske Models directly. The steps for installing a LokPilot Standard are almost identical, sans the steps for the speaker (obviously).

96-05If you purchase your LokSound Select and your speaker and bafflebox separately, you will need to solder the two brown wires from the decoder to the speaker. To do this, you will need to remove the speaker from its baffle box and then replace it after the wires are attached.

96-06To remove the body from our 1550 or upcoming 2400 class locomotives, unscrew the two diagonally opposing screws on either side of the fuel tank from the bottom.

96-07To give you more working space and reduce risk of accidentally knocking out any wiring, disconnect the two white plugs on either side of the PCB gently.

96-08Remember that the higher part of the diecast chassis is on the leading end of the locomotive.

96-09Carefully ease out the dummy plug from the PCB 8 pin socket.

96-10As space is limited within QR locomotives due to their size, it is best to remove one of the mounting points on the bafflebox. Using sidecutters, remove the mounting point on the end without the wires. There is no need to remove the mounting point on the end where the speaker wires come out.

96-11After you have done this, you may wish to paint the sides of the bafflebox black so that you do not have an unsightly white shape coming through the rear grill of the locomotive.

96-36Prepare the area in the locomotive shell where the speaker will be mounted by folding down the two brass tabs that mount the brass mesh over the radiator fan with the aid of a flathead screwdriver. Care must be taken to ensure you do not pop out the brass mesh on the topside.

96-12To mount the speaker and chip, the simplest way is some “Sticky Dots” by Sellotape. Our pack of 64 dots was purchased from the local newsagent for the princely sum of $3.50. You can also use doublesided tape, but you will want to find one that has good stickability (some doublesided tapes are very weak).

96-13The sticky dots come with a white backing paper and a clear fronting paper with perforations that separate each dot, making them very easy to work with.

96-14Apply one to the back of your bafflebox and press down firmly. If using doublesided tape, cut to size and apply firmly.

96-15Peel the fronting paper off carefully – the sticky dots are very sticky on both sides, but they may at times need to be persuaded to leave the security of the fronting paper. Remember they are sensitive little petals so soft, coaxing words might be of assistance here.

96-16With the locomotive shell upside down, insert the speaker to the back of the locomotive shell.

96-17Try to push it in as far as you can against the lights PCB and once happy with the positioning, press the speaker and bafflebox into place firmly. Try to avoid pressing on the actual speaker – this is where that extra mounting tab comes in handy as it gives you something to work with.

96-18The ESU decoders have some extra wires that are not required for our locomotives. Isolate the tips by folding a piece of sticky tape over the end of the wire.

96-19To neaten things up and save space, cut a few milimetres away from the wire.

96-20This will just ensure that the wires definitely can’t touch or short on anything when running your loco.

96-21The majority of wires on the decoder should be on one end. Any wires that are located on the other end of the decoder should be folded over for neatness.

96-22Once folded up, place a sticky dot on the top of the decoder and surplus wires.

96-23You can also place the sticky dot on first, then arrange the spare wires to go around the dot.

96-24Place the decoder butting up tight against the bafflebox. With the LokSound Select decoder you will notice it almost wedges itself between the bafflebox and the chassis screw mounting point. The sticky dot is really only there to prevent it from flapping around.

96-25Once you are happy with the positioning, press down on the decoder to adhere the sticky dot to the locomotive shell.

96-26You will notice on the PCB, there is a white border around the 8 pin socket. One corner is marked a bit heavier – this denotes the positioning of pin 1 on the standard 8 pin plug. Pin 1 is located on the leading end, left hand side of the locomotive.

96-27On the ESU decoders, the orange wire is Pin 1.
Plug in your decoder.

96-28Reconnect your lights plugs.

96-29And now your decoder is installed. Just need to put it all back together. There is a lot of wiring there, and you must take care to not catch any wires in between the shell and the metal chassis, or in the way of the chassis screw mounting points as you may crimp the wires, break the sheathing and cause shorts.

96-30Gently try to tuck the wires in as you replace the locomotive shell.

96-31Fingers, pens, screwdrivers etc may come in handy for this job. As simple as it is, this is the most complex part of the install.

96-32Sometimes turning the locomotive upside down to get gravity to assist might help. At each point check as much as you can that you haven’t crimped any wires. Under no circumstances should fitting the shell back on offer great resistance. It should slide on easily – if it requires pushing you’ve probably got wires wedged where they shouldn’t be.

96-33It should just come together, and you can use the overflow pipe which hangs down from the underframe on the left hand side and the fuel gauge on the fuel tank to line up your positioning of the shell to the chassis. The overflow pipe should sit directly in front of the fuel gauge.

96-34Once you have your body and chassis aligned correctly, just replace the two screws and you’re done.

96-35Now all that is left is to program your locomotive address.
The locomotives are factory assigned an address of “03”.
Marker lights are Function 11 and Dynamic Brakes are Function 7. Check your DCC Control system manual if you’re unsure how to select these.

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Chapter 95 – 23/04/2015

95-01Well here we go again, this chapter WAS going to be about the layout but instead we have decided to drop a bit of a bombshell.

So here goes…

95-02Wuiske Models (again and as ever) in partnership with Haskell Co are proud announce the imminent release of the QR 2400 class. As discussed a few chapters ago, we had several projects being worked on and this is the second of those several (obviously the 1550 was the first).

95-03The 2400 class was a logical progression from the 1550 as they were (essentially) the same locomotive. In fact the first of what would become the 2400 class was actually numbered 1577 whilst under construction at Clyde.

95-04The primary reason for the new class was that if the order was added to again, it would cross over the 1600 number series and the 1600 class was still very much in traffic at the time.

Having said that, there are a few modifications to the long hood of the 2400 class that distinguish them from the 1550 class.

95-05The new Wuiske Models/ Haskell 2400 class will be released in seven running numbers. All variations will be available in both Narrow Gauge (HOn3½) and Standard Gauge (HO) as with our first locomotive.

The running numbers being released are as follows:

95-06In the as built format with the high nose, we will be offering 2410 and 2414 in the blue livery.

95-07In the modified Driver Only blue livery, we will be offering 2402D and 2421D.

95-08As something completely different we will be offering two running numbers painted in the corporate livery and still fitted with their original high noses. These will be 2412 and 2415.

95-09Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, we will be offering 2401D the Bicentennial locomotive. This model will he released in the Driver Only version only as the high nose version only ran in traffic for a period of well under twelve months.

95-10These models will feature the same level of detail and features as our previously released 1550 class. They have been designed to accept the same sound units as the 1550 class as well as they were fitted with the same running equipment.

95-11As with the announcement of the 1550, we are sure there will be a few questions.

So here goes…

What’s with the high nose corporate units?

95-12Believe it or not, there were actually no 2400 class units converted to driver only and painted in corporate livery that we can find. Having said that, several were painted in corporate livery whilst still fitted with their original high nose. Plus they just look “beefy” and certainly stand out from the crowd of other 90 tonne QR locos.

Why are you releasing a second locomotive so soon?

95-13As many of you are aware, we had no intention of releasing the 2400 so soon. With the announcement of the SRM 2400 class several days ago though, we decided that we needed to show our hand on these locos as soon as possible to avoid annoying modellers as we are VERY near completion of production as I type this (Some versions are already in Australia!). With the model being essentially completed and paid for, we were left with little option but to show and release them.

95-14What price are they going to be?

The 2400 class locomotives will not be affected by recent price rises within the model railway industry. Just as with the 1550s, they will still be $295.00

95-15Why DID the chicken cross the road?

We discussed this with our last loco release and still look forward to a day when members of the poultry world can take a simple (or perhaps not so simple) wander without their motives being questioned. And shame on you for asking again. I was sure we established our position on this last time.

95-16When will they be released?

At present it looks like we will have limited numbers of most of the 2400s available for sale at the Brisbane Miniature Train Show on the 9th and 10th of May. The Bicentennial unit (2401D) will be released in late July as they are still in production. If this date gets moved forwards at all, we will let you know obviously.

95-17At present, we have 2400s littering the world as some are presently on planes, some are here, some are on a ship and 2401 is still in production. This is the reason we usually don’t announce this early as the transportation systems we use can tend to look a little helter skelter… But it all works in the end.

95-18As such, we look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming Brisbane Show and we should have a few of our new 2400 class there for sale. But, as always we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 94 – 15/04/2015

94-01After a bit over a year’s careful consideration, procrastination, consternation and many, many other words that end in “tion” I have finally decided to remove the old Wuiske Models layout and start again.

The factors leading to this mammoth decision were many but mostly down to three things.

194-02. My abilities had grown over the previous nine years of building the last layout and thus I was unhappy with the details and scenery on the original layout.

94-032. Our house is built on black soil. As such we get A LOT of movement in the ground beneath our house. With this in mind, having an “around the walls” layout was not my most intelligent idea.

3. I had always regretted not making the layout with a double track main line.

94-04These three factors have eventually worn me down enough to make me decide to remove what was the largest QR narrow gauge layout ever built and build something better suited to my needs (well this week anyway).


94-05Once the decision was made, Jade and I managed to remove the entire layout over the course of about 4 days work. We managed to save all of the buildings, trees, people, vehicles and even some of the track.


94-06The previous layout had a one hundred and fifty foot mainline run. With our new, free standing layout this will be reduced to a one hundred and twenty five foot main line run. Having said that, it will be double track so effectively it makes two hundred and fifty foot of main line trackage available to us.


94-07After having placed a lengthy (and somewhat confused) order with Home Hardware in beautiful downtown Dalby, we managed to get a few sheets of fibro, a dozen or so sheets of 12mm MDF and 40 5.4 metre lengths of 35mm x 70mm studding material delivered to us on Planet Jandowae.

94-08The last layout had taught me many things other than not mounting the layout from the walls. Such as, DO NOT use Cyprus for framing. Whilst it is very hardy and termites find it about as appetising as a rare steak to a vegitableist, the timber does not age well and in fact shrinks. This means that any screws you wish to remove will be nearly impossible (trust me; I’ve just tried it a few thousand times).

94-09Also the timber becomes EXREMELY brittle over time. Similarly, we discovered that 9mm MDF is far more resilient to moisture and other issues than plywood or even marine ply. Obviously if 9mm MDF is great then surely 12mm MDF will be 33% better still? Well it makes sense to me at least.

94-10After having our layout room take a minor swim in the 2011 floods, we have had a few learning experiences that have guided us along the path we are now following. With any luck, whilst we stumble down this path (now only) semi blindly we can at least take comfort in the fact that our guide dog is at least partially sighted so hopefully we will be able to apply some of the hard earned lessons we have picked up over the years to our new layout.


94-11With removing the old layout, the tools required were pretty simple and some were loads of fun to use. First off, we needed a hammer. Then we needed a bigger hammer. A dremel was used to cut the track into shorter lengths for removal. In the end, we simply removed four inch sections of rail from the main yard to allow running the jigsaw through without damaging the blade.


94-12With a bit of assistance from both Rob and Wade McLaren, we managed to get the majority of the frame work built within a three day period. Drawing out the design in Auto CAD did help immensely too.


94-13The plan was simple, measure the room, including doorways. Draw it up in 1:1 scale on CAD and then mark an imaginary line 800mm in from each wall. If 800mm walkways prove to be too small than we shall all have to collectively suck out guts in and pretend that we are all built like underfed Kate Moss dolls.


94-14Then again, being blokes, we are all pretty good at deluding ourselves along these lines anyway… It can’t be just me surely?


94-15With the progress of the new layout, Jade and I have found a renewed interest and vigour for our own modelling passions. Based on just that alone, ripping out the old layout and starting again has been well worth the effort and heartache that went into making this decision.


94-16Being manufacturers, we do often find that our own interests do suffer from time to time within this great hobby. So to be able to tackle such a big project with excitement and (for an extremely rare change) planning has been a wonderfully enjoyable thing and we look forward to seeing how we go with the layout.


94-17One of the side effects of the new design is that we will have very few deep scenes on the layout. For long time readers of our Adam’s Corner section of the website, you’ll recall that we discovered (the hard way) that whilst deep scenes can look wonderful and impressive, they are actually a nightmare to live with.

94-18Having to use a ladder to remove dust and cobwebs gets to be more than a little dull after a while. Playing tag with one extremely crafty and elusive spider for a period of 6 months and managing to come within mere millimetres of ending his little 8 legged existence simply because he has worked out just how short your reach is not only frustrating but downright infuriating.


94-19When you reach a realisation that after 30 or so years on this planet, you have been outwitted by a small creature with more legs than IQ points it does tend to reaffirm your resolve to retract his breathing permit once and for all. After not succeeding in this seemingly simple task for the hundredth time and deciding “awe shucks, perhaps he’s not such a bad bloke after all” it does tend to make one reconsider their aims, goals and own intelligence levels.

94-20As a point, that spider is still in the layout room somewhere… I’ve decided to name him George. No doubt George is sitting somewhere in the layout room patiently awaiting the construction of his shiny new home and –planning new and exciting ways of eluding and annoying his strange long haired house builder.


94-21Jade and I would like to thank the hundreds of people (yes there has been that many visitants to the Jandowae asylum) that have visited and run trains on the Wuiske Models layout over the past nine years and say that we look forward to running more trains in the years to come.


94-22Our current desire is to get the main lines laid within a month or three… Weather permitting and assuming there is nothing good on TV at the time.

As we always say though, we shall see how we go.

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Chapter 93 – 31/01/2015

93-0093-01Well, here goes with what should be the biggest and most important Adam’s Corner thus far. So let’s see how well I can stuff it up.

Wuiske Models in partnership with Haskell Co are proud to announce THE RELEASE of the first EVER mass produced RTR locomotive for the Queensland market…


93-02The 1550 class locomotive.

This moment marks a point we have been dreaming of reaching for over a decade now, and it is purely due to the support from all of you that we have been able to do any of the things we have done.


93-03The last eleven and a half months have been very hectic in trying to ensure that this locomotive not only gets completed in a timely fashion but also that it is completed with a level of quality comparable with our already popular wagons.


93-04As many of you know, the 1550 class was officially started on February 14th 2014 (how’s that for a Valentine’s Day Present?) when we paid the first part of money for the design work to be commenced.


93-05I am happy to say that on all fronts, the factory has excelled themselves and we thank them for all their hard work and efforts on this front as the results are (in my opinion) spectacular! With any luck, the arrival of the 1550s on Thursday as well as the upcoming products from SRM, will herald a new era for QR modelling. If nothing else, it will do so on the Wuiske Layout.

93-06As we said would happen earlier and at the Ipswich show, the 1550s have not been placed on the site for general sale as yet due to the fact that we are honouring our commitment to those who have filled in the expression of interest forms. We are going through the list and phoning or emailing these people first to give them first right of refusal for which running numbers they would like.


93-07We anticipate that we will start uploading the locomotives to the site for general sale by the end of the weekend but please bear with us as we have moved from a heavy to industrial level of insanity within the Wuiske Asylum within the last 24 hours.

93-08Many people have asked us questions about the 1550 class locos through our Faceplant page and forums that I thought I would take the opportunity to answer here as well as I’m sure there are others wondering, so here goes…


93-09What price are the 1550s?

They are $295.00. For as long as the sun shines, the dog barks, the Aussie Dollar allows and my bum points towards the ground we will do EVERYTHING we can to keep the prices below the magical $300 threshold! If that causes issues with future projects then so be it, that’s for us to sort out and is not the responsibility of your wallet to resolve.

93-10How much is postage for the 1550s?

We are charging a flat rate of $15.00 for postage regardless of the quantity of models ordered. Yes this is still $15.00 even if you buy one 1550 and a bucket load of additional RTR wagons to compliment it. All models posted are tracked and require a signature on delivery to ensure YOU receive YOUR model and that it does not get left on your doorstep by a nameless Aussie Post Contractor.


93-11Are the 1550s DCC ready?

Short answer… Of Course they are. These locos are fitted with a standard 8 pin decoder socket. There is no need for the vast majority of QR locos to have 21 pin plugs as Queensland locos simply don’t have that many functions. Also, I refuse to have anything with more pins than I have fingers to count them.

93-12Can they be fitted with sound?

YES. We have designed the 1550s to be fitted with a Loksound V3.5 or V4.0 decoder and speaker. The standard Loksound oval speakers fit within the long hood including the baffle box and sit behind the motor. This should allow the sound to emit from the grills on the side of the long hood. Other brands will fit as well. We are currently working with others to arrange the correct sound files to enable us to have sound decoders available off the shelf.

93-13What sort of decoder should I use?

Whichever decoder you are most comfortable with. There is enough space inside the shell to allow for pretty much any decoder to fit comfortably. So long as they are the standard 8 pin plug, they will work with these models. The one thing we should point out is that we suggest using a 3 or 4 function decoder to enable the number boards to be illuminated separately as on the prototype.

93-14What is the minimum radius for operating?

The models have been designed to run around an 18 inch (454mm) radius as is standard throughout the world of model railways as a minimum radius. The pre-production samples were tested for eleven days straight on a 17 inch radius without problem (that’s over 260 hours of continual running without issue!).


93-15What coupler height comes fitted to the locomotives?

The narrow gauge locomotives come fitted with the correct lowered coupler height for 12mm gauge whilst the standard gauge models come fitted with the standard gauge coupler height. This can be changed on either model if required by simply swapping the coupler pocket for the spare pocket within the pack.


93-16If your model arrives without the spare coupler pockets and you require them, please phone us and we will happily send them out straight away.

Please note, that as with the wagons, the trip pins on the narrow gauge models may need to be bent up slightly to ensure they do not foul on your points.


93-17Are there any fiddly parts to watch out for?

Yes. The only real part to keep an eye out for is the sand pipes. These have been made just as close to the rail as the prototype and may snag on small items close to the rail. This may cause them to bend down and hit the track. If this occurs, simply push them back up.


93-18They are made from a high quality and highly flexible plastic and are certainly strong enough to withstand any punishment from people pushing them around. In short, I have tried to break them and haven’t succeeded. Should the sand pipes ever fall out or need to be removed for any reason, they are simply pressed into the hole in the underside of the sand boxes. They are a tight fit, but will hold rather well.


93-19Why did the chicken cross the road?

We are sorry to say that we are not sure. We at Wuiske Models believe that with care, compassion and understanding, together we CAN create a world where the motives of those in the poultry world are not questioned on a daily basis. Come on guys, together we can end this form of motivational questioning.

93-20How many versions are available?

There are eight different running numbers available in three different versions. There are three numbers of Original High Nose Blue 1550s, these are 1559, 1565 and 1573. There are two numbers of Driver Only (low nose) in blue, 1558D and 1570D. Lastly there are three numbers offered for the Driver Only (low nose) in the Corporate (broncos) livery, 1557D, 1572H and 1574H.

93-21What is the H for on 1572H and 1574H?

The H suffix after the number on these locos indicates that these locomotives were still fitted with two driving stations inside the cab despite being fitted with a driver only nose. This was primarily for the Home Hill sugar traffic as locomotives on this run could not be turned. These locomotives however ended up all over the state.

93-22What’s with the named loco?

1565 was the only member of the 1550 class to be named. The model comes with two pairs of etched brass name plates that can easily be fitted by the modeller depending on which name they would like. When originally fitted with its name plates 1565 was named A.G.Lee, this was fairly quickly changed to ALVA G. LEE as the retiring commissioner for railways hated his name being abbreviated.

93-23How do I pull this model apart?

Um… Don’t. But if you absolutely must, then simply undo the screw located at each end of the fuel tank to remove the shell. This will enable you all the access required to fit the decoder or sound decoder of your choice.


I think that should about cover the main questions we have received thus far. If you have any others, please feel free to phone us or email us and we will respond as soon as we can. Emails tend to take a little longer due to the actual volume of emails received though.


93-25On behalf of Jade, Kieren and Anita, Rob and Coral and I…. yadda, yadda, yadda, you know how this bit goes. So…

On behalf of ME! I, Adam Wuiske would like to thank each and every one of you who have supported us over the last 12 years and allowed us to achieve what has been a personal dream of mine since I was a teenager.


Together we have grown the Queensland market to a point where people from around the world are modelling that quirky narrow gauge railway that is (let’s face it) just better and more interesting than pretty much any other system on the planet.


93-27My personal dream for nearly 30 years has been to be able to model the railway system I see around me and have grown up watching. And now I am one BIG step closer to being able to achieve this. My Personal dream/passion/drive (any of those really) over the last decade and a bit has been to do my bit to help make modelling the railways of Queensland affordable and available to EVERYONE.


93-28I am VERY proud to say that we are now one BIG step closer to achieving this also.

As a result I would like to thank you all for making this happen and pushing us to achieving the biggest task we have ever undertaken.

93-29As I have said from the beginning, Wuiske Models is one big experiment and we will keep going with our experiment until we either sink or swim, but either way, we’ll have some fun and make some friends along the way. With any luck, there will be many, many more things on the horizon from us over the next little while also.
But as ever, we shall see how we go.93-00

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