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Chapter 92 – 22/12/2014

We are fast approaching that dreaded time of year when the fat bearded one with the unhealthy reindeer fetish starts testing the structural integrity of our roof whilst trying desperately to avoid sliding on his ample backside off our roof … Continue reading

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Chapter 83 – 21/10/2013

So it must be getting close to Christmas again or at least it seems like it has been that long since I put fists to keyboards and bashed out another chapter of the world according to Planet Jandowae. After much … Continue reading

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Chapter 81 – 22/06/2013

Well here we go again for another set of ramblings from the residents of the first open air asylum to be run by the inmates. That’s right, the Wuiskes have been let loose in front of a computer again. At … Continue reading

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Chapter 77 – 17/03/2013

Well it appears that despite the best intentions, the length of time between these chapters has been stretching further and further apart. In my own defense (he said whilst Jade searched for a blunt object), we have been somewhat busy … Continue reading

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Chapter 76 – 30/01/2013

So with a massive break from tradition for me, I am bringing the Christmas / New Year’s / January and Wednesday morning Adam’s Corner to you in one hit. As we enter into our eleventh year of running this silly … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 – 13/08/2007

Well, I’ve decided to hijack Adam’s corner this week, so I’ve got the old boy nicely bound and gagged. It wasn’t an easy task, mind you, what with him having an extra 20 or so kilos on me, but it’s … Continue reading

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