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Chapter 99 – 12/10/2015

This chapter of Adam’s Corner comes to you from a usually quiet place within the Wuiske Asylum…. My office. However, today, as I sit down to put fists and forehead to keyboard, the kids have discovered a shiny, new and … Continue reading

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Chapter 98 – 24/07/2015

So this chapter will be an interesting one but also something of a first. Wuiske Models have received the run of 2401D bicentennial liveried locomotives. After careful inspection (as we were going through checking them actually), we discovered an issue… … Continue reading

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Chapter 97 – 01/05/2015

After a bit of a break from my little rant, I thought I should once again put fists to keyboard and whinge, rant, rave and inform you all of the latest goings on in the Wuiske Asylum. After the last … Continue reading

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Chapter 96 – 26/04/2015

Time for Jade to hijack Adam’s Corner again with the long awaited DCC installation walkthrough for our 1550 class (as well as our upcoming 2400 class) locomotives. You can pick any DCC decoder as long as it is 3 or … Continue reading

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Chapter 95 – 23/04/2015

Well here we go again, this chapter WAS going to be about the layout but instead we have decided to drop a bit of a bombshell. So here goes… Wuiske Models (again and as ever) in partnership with Haskell Co … Continue reading

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Chapter 94 – 15/04/2015

After a bit over a year’s careful consideration, procrastination, consternation and many, many other words that end in “tion” I have finally decided to remove the old Wuiske Models layout and start again. The factors leading to this mammoth decision … Continue reading

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Chapter 93 – 31/01/2015

Well, here goes with what should be the biggest and most important Adam’s Corner thus far. So let’s see how well I can stuff it up. Wuiske Models in partnership with Haskell Co are proud to announce THE RELEASE of … Continue reading

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Chapter 92 – 22/12/2014

We are fast approaching that dreaded time of year when the fat bearded one with the unhealthy reindeer fetish starts testing the structural integrity of our roof whilst trying desperately to avoid sliding on his ample backside off our roof … Continue reading

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Chapter 91 – 24/10/2014

This chapter seems like it may be a slightly more enlightening entry in the little list of my rants… So here goes. After last weekend’s Ipswich Model Railway Show, again, Haskell Co and Wuiske Models have done something completely different. … Continue reading

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Chapter 90 – 30/09/2014

Here we go again with another long awaited rant from the world’s most inconsistent “blogger”. Life at the Wuiske Asylum has been rather hectic, as most of you would have no doubt guessed by our lack of updates. The Asylum … Continue reading

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