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Chapter 109 – 27/01/2017

Well it’s been a while since my last little rant on here… Yet again. I have been spending more time trying to do live videos on our Faceplant page (   If we can get this to work then the … Continue reading

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Chapter 108 – 16/11/2016

Well here we go again with another chapter of the world according to me. Since the last chapter, we have had out last show of the year, the new Logan Model Railway Show as well as the Modelling The Railways … Continue reading

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Chapter 107 – 01/10/2016

Well it’s been a pretty hectic time down here on Planet Jandowae since my last little rant. Since then, we’ve attended a multitude of shows. As always, we had an absolute ball! Obviously it goes without saying that we would … Continue reading

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Chapter 106 – 28/05/2016

After out most recent running session, several issues have come to light… We get a lot of issues with the layout shutting down. These shut downs seem to be caused by two things, both of which are classed as “operator … Continue reading

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Chapter 105 – 10/05/2016

So here we go for the 105th chapter of the world according to me… This could only go well. Having just returned from the Brisbane Miniature Train Show a few hours ago, I’ve been greeted by a mountain of messages … Continue reading

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Chapter 104 – 03/05/2016

Well it’s a few days until AMRA Queensland puts on the Brisbane show and we’re busily getting ready. What I really mean is that Jade is busily yelling at her computer and I’m looking busy at my computer. Hopefully a … Continue reading

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Chapter 103 – 21/04/2016

So I’ve been putting a few photos here and there up on our faceplant page of some of my locos as I get around to weathering them. Each time I do, some of you ask for a “tutorial” on how … Continue reading

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Chapter 102 – 17/04/2016

Well it’s finally happened, ALL the track on the layout at the Wuiske Asylum has been laid! Not only that, but I have even managed to solder some wirey type bits to them! As such, we decided to have some … Continue reading

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Chapter 101 – 04/04/2016

Well the timing between these seems to be getting ridiculously further apart. So with that in mind, there are a huge number of things that have been happening since chapter 100. Since the last chapter the bicentennial 2401D locomotives have … Continue reading

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Chapter 100 – 14/12/2015

Well here we are, Chapter 100. Surely a massive round of congratulatory beatings has been well and truly earned by everyone who has managed to red this far through the rants of a deluded modeller located a few blocks further … Continue reading

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